Sunday, May 28th, 2023

WB Mid Day Meal | Bengal: Lizard found ‘floating’ again in mid-day meal, 35 students vomited after eating food, fell ill. ‎ (‎‎Trending)

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New Delhi / Howrah. According to a sensational news coming from West Bengal, there have been serious allegations of lizards being found again in mid-day meal at Uluberia in Howrah district. At the same time, about 35 children have fallen ill after eating this mid-day meal. The said incident took place in Tehat Junior Basic School (school) of Uluberia block number two.

On the other hand, according to local sources, a lizard was suddenly seen floating in the vegetable while the students were having their food, but by then almost all the students had eaten that food. Shortly after this, about 30 to 35 students started feeling uneasy. Here someone started vomiting and someone started having unbearable pain in the stomach. In a hurry, the sick students were taken to Brindavanpur Primary Health Center. Where he/she got first aid.

While the students of the school told about the incident, “Dal, potato curry and rice were cooked. Only then, while eating, saw a whole lizard floating in the food. Seeing which we told the sir. Sir said – throw it and eat it. Then when they returned home after eating, most of them started vomiting.

It is noteworthy that even before this there have been serious allegations of finding dead lizards and even snakes in the mid-day meal of schools in West Bengal. After that, the central team also visited the schools and checked the quality of the mid-day meal. However, even after all this, such incidents are happening again and again.

lizard again in mid day meal

On the other hand, the local parents have complained about the incident that the cook of this school neither hears nor sees properly. There are also allegations that many times complaints have been made to the headmaster about the cook, but no one paid heed.

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