Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Watch: The bad condition of the Nepalese airport, the passengers had to push the plane on the runway.

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  • A video has surfaced from Nepal in which people are seen pushing the plane.
  • This plane belongs to Tara Airlines and the incident happened at Kolti Airport in Bajura.
  • This plane of Nepal’s Tara Air had to stand on the runway after the tire burst.

Often we push our car after it breaks down so that it starts or drives it to some place which will not obstruct the traffic. Now a video has surfaced from Nepal in which it is seen that people are pushing a plane at the airport. It is being told that this plane belongs to Tara Airlines and this push happened at Kolti Airport in Bajura.

In this video being shared widely on social media, it is seen that passengers and security personnel are pushing this aircraft standing on the runway of Colti Airport. According to Nepali journalist Sushil Bhattarai, this Tara Air plane was parked on the runway after the tire burst. The flight of other aircraft was obstructing the flight of this aircraft due to standing on the runway. To resolve this crisis, the passengers and security personnel present there had to push the plane.

‘Not only aviation equipment required to operate aircraft’
After Tara Air was ridiculed on social media, a user Guy Airline commented that ignorant people are making fun of Tara Air based on the video made after the tire burst. This can happen with any airline. But the reality is that the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has more to blame in this. The authority does not have the necessary aviation equipment to operate the aircraft.

This user claimed that the Nepalese authority extorts money from airline companies but does not provide necessary facilities in return. He said that Tara Air is operating planes at the challenging airport in the Himalayas and is appreciated by most of the Nepalese people. The user claimed that no one other than Tara Air offers such reliable air service in this remote Himalayan region.


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