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War News: Britain sent Brahmastra to Ukraine to destroy Russian Navy warships, what will Vladimir Putin do now?


London/Moscow: Tension with Russia (Russia Ukraine NewsBritain has sent a stockpile of Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine. These missiles (UK Anti Ship missile to Ukraine) can sink any warship in the sea in an instant. The great thing is that due to flying very close to the surface of the sea, they (Anti Ship Missile ListIt is also not easy to detect with radar. Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin Warning to Ukraine) is being treated as a direct warning. At this time many powerful warships of the Russian Navy (Russian Navu Ships) patrolling the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. These include the superpowerful battleship Marshal Ustinov of the Slavic class. The great thing is that British Foreign Minister Liz Truss is currently on a visit to Russia. He also held a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on the Ukraine crisis.

Ukrainian Navy’s strength will increase in the Black Sea
Ukraine’s ambassador to Britain, Vadim Pristyko, has appealed to the Allied countries to help by providing more weapons. Vadim Pristyko said Britain has given Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles to use against Russia in the Black Sea. He said that for the first time our armed forces, especially the Navy, will receive genuine weapons and missiles. On the basis of these, the Ukrainian Navy will be able to compete with the Russian Navy in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. It is believed that these weapons have been given under a deal worth 1.7 billion pounds from Britain. Under this, Britain will provide loans to Kiev, which will have to be repaid within 10 years.

Britain also saw mine sweepers for the Ukrainian Navy
Naval News reported that the full deal is not yet clear. But, it also covers the acquisition, delivery and maintenance of two minesweepers and the joint construction of eight missile boats. Anti-ship missiles from Britain will be deployed on warships already being used in the Ukrainian Navy. British experts will also give military training to the Ukrainian Navy to run them. The Ukrainian ambassador said that our armed forces had never received such serious funding from abroad for their development.

Russia Ukraine Military Comparison: If war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, who will be heavy? Know the strength of both armies
Britain has already given anti-aircraft missiles
Britain handed over light anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine a few days ago. With the help of these missiles, Ukraine can fly Russian helicopters, drones and other fixed-wing aircraft during the war. James Happy, the Minister of the Armed Forces in the British Ministry of Defense, confirmed the weapons shipments, saying the United Kingdom had sent several thousands of light anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. He praised that Ukraine is a proud sovereign nation and its people are ready to fight for every inch of their country.

Russia Ukraine War: America, Britain, Poland, Turkey… There is a competition to give state-of-the-art weapons to Ukraine, what is the war with Russia
British foreign minister warns Russia
Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has warned in a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that there will be dire consequences for attacking Ukraine. He urged Russia to abide by its international agreement’s commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. Lavrov, who took a tough stand during the meeting, also bluntly said that Western countries should not preach to Moscow. Lavrov said that the path of ideological approach and final warning cannot be advanced.

Russian Navy Ships: 6 Russian Navy warships reached the Black Sea dodging the world, Putin preparing to clash with NATO?
Vladimir Putin also deployed lethal weapons
Amid tensions with Ukraine, 6 Russian Navy warships sailing from the Baltic Sea have now reached the Black Sea. The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy is already stationed in this area. Apart from this, Russia has also called many dangerous warships from the Northern Fleet and Eastern Fleet and deployed them near Ukraine. In such a situation, there is a possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to directly confront the US-led NATO. Ukraine does not have the power to stop Russia. That is why he is taking the help of NATO and America. Despite this, the whole world knows that if Russia invades, then no country will directly engage in war to help Ukraine.

Anti Ship Missile UK Ukraine

Britain gave a stockpile of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine



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