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Wants to go on the mountains by car but is afraid of slipping, so know the tricks to control the car

Photo: CANVA Tricks to not slip the car from the mountains

Vehicle Slipping Problem: Traveling to hill stations in your car is probably the dream of every long drive lover. There is a different fun in driving the car on the zigzag high-low roads of the beautiful plains. But these high-low zigzag roads of the mountains sometimes seem very dangerous and there is a danger of the vehicle slipping in them.

The mere thought of a reverse slip is enough to scare any car driver. If you have an old car and you also want to drive in the mountains, but you are afraid of steep climbs and steep slopes, then remove your fear because now such a system has come for the vehicles, due to which the vehicle slips. Can’t at all.

What is hill-hold control system?

The latest SUVs come with inbuilt hill-hold control to prevent the vehicle from skidding on steep climbs or slopes. Due to this system, the car does not slip while climbing and it is also easy to move forward.

How does hill-hold control work?

Hill-hold control is a mode. After activating this mode, if the car is on a climb, then the car stops there. In a way, automatic brakes are applied in the vehicle. But as soon as the driver presses the accelerator, the brakes are released and the vehicle starts moving.

Can hill control system be installed in an old vehicle?

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have hill-hold control, don’t worry, this system can be installed separately. You can take your vehicle to the service center of the company and discuss it with the supervisor there. However, according to experts, installing a separate hill-hold control system voids your car’s warranty. On the other hand, if the vehicle is very old, then there is no warranty of any kind left in it.

What to do if there is no hill-hold control?

If your vehicle doesn’t have hill-hold control and according to your service station, it doesn’t even have the option of hill-hold control, even then you need not fear. Just then you need to drive more carefully on the mountains. While driving on a hilly area, using the hand brake can prevent the vehicle from slipping.

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