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Want to control diabetes, these 5 leaves including basil will down the sugar, use empty stomach in the morning

Ayurvedic Herbs for Diabetes: Diabetes is a serious disease. Once this happens, it cannot be completely cured. In the recent past, the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased rapidly. Its cases have increased rapidly not only in India but globally. Diabetes is a disease related to our lifestyle, so we can control it to some extent by changing our habits. Diabetes also gives rise to many diseases, so its symptoms can never be ignored.

The problem of diabetes occurs when the pancreas is not able to produce insulin properly or our body is not able to use insulin properly. To meet the deficiency of insulin, doctors give injection of insulin to the patients of severe diabetes, but do you know that there are some Ayurvedic methods by which you can control the blood sugar level. According to the news, there are some Ayurvedic herbs by which blood sugar can be controlled very easily…

leaves of Tulsi- Tulsi has great importance in both religious and Ayurvedic ways. Many types of Ayurvedic medicinal properties are found in Tulsi which protects from many serious diseases. Consumption of basil leaves also protects us from infection. Tulsi also helps in controlling blood sugar. If your blood sugar is also high, then boil basil leaves and filter the water and consume it early in the morning. In a study using an extract of the herb to investigate its effect on diabetic rats, it was found that tulsi significantly reduced blood sugar.

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Insulin leaf Doctors give insulin injections to control blood sugar. If you chew the leaves of the insulin plant, it also helps in controlling blood sugar. Insulin has a lot of Ayurvedic importance. It is also known by names like crepe ginger, pakarmoola, kumul and pushkarmoola. By chewing the insulin leaf, the metabolic process of our body improves. Grinding its leaves and mixing them in water can also be consumed.

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curry leaves Curry leaves are very beneficial for our health. Many anti-inflammatory properties are found in curry leaves which reduce inflammation in the body. Along with this, it also controls diabetes. Curry leaves are rich in fiber and it also improves digestion. It has been revealed in the study that the anti-hyperglycemic elements of curry leaves control blood sugar.

Guava leaf- The more beneficial guava is for our health, the more beneficial its leaf is. Anti-hyperglycemic elements are found in guava leaves, which reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Many people chew it and consume its juice, but if you boil the leaves and drink water, it will prove to be more beneficial.

Mango leaf Mango is called the king of fruits. Everyone likes to eat mangoes. Mango is as tasty as it is in food, it is equally beneficial for health. Not only mango, many types of medicinal and Ayurvedic properties are also found in its leaves. An extract called mangiferin is found in its leaves, which lowers the level of increased glucose in our blood. Along with this, mango leaves are also helpful in increasing insulin. Consuming mango leaves in the morning is beneficial for health.

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