Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Votes will be cast till December 9, youth will get gifts on becoming voters – Presswire18

Chandigarh, October 3 (Trinew)

To make the voters of Haryana aware and to create new voters, the State Election Commission has come out with a new formula. Attractive prizes will be given to the youth and women who get new votes. The scheme was launched by state Chief Electoral Officer Anurag Aggarwal in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Under this, those who cast their votes from October 1 to December 9 will be given laptops, smartphones and pen drives in the draw taken from the voter list published on January 5, 2024.

T-shirts will be provided to voters who make new votes during this period. Along with Anurag Aggarwal, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Hema Sharma, Joint Electoral Officer Apoorva and other officers were also present in the press conference held here. 3 laptops, 2 smartphones and 100 pen drives will be provided as gifts to voters who cast new votes from 1st October to 9th December. The festival of becoming a voter has started. Come participate and get attractive gifts. The initiative has been started to encourage the eligible youth and women of the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that those who were born between January 2, 2004 and January 1, 2006 have not got their vote done. Those people can become voters by filling online Form 6 on the helpline. He said that the Commission is providing an opportunity to those who turn 18 years of age in January, April, July and October to get new votes. Therefore, all eligible persons must get their votes cast.

There will be no Ambala Lok Sabha by-election, Commission indicated

There will be no by-election on this Parliament seat vacant due to the death of Ratanlal Kataria, former Union Minister and MP from Ambala. Chief Election Commissioner Anurag Aggarwal clarified the situation on the questions asked by the media regarding the by-elections in Tuesday’s press conference. He clearly indicated that there will be no by-election for Ambala Lok Sabha constituency. Now there will be general elections only next year. This means that Ambala seat will remain vacant for almost a year.

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Age is 18 so let’s vote

The Chief Electoral Officer said that those who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to cast their vote. To vote, they will have to submit photocopies of permanent residence address, date of birth and passport size photograph along with Form 6. He said that votes can be cast through online voter service portal and offline through BLO. Thus, both types of services are being provided by the Commission to the voters. If any kind of problem is faced in casting the vote, then they can register their complaint on Voter Helpline number 1950 and Voter Helpline App. Aggarwal said that the Election Commission will run a special campaign to collect new votes at the polling stations on 4th to 5th November and 2nd to 3rd December.

Online facility for corporate

The Chief Electoral Officer said that people working in corporate offices of Gurugram and Faridabad district have the impression that to get votes, one has to visit government offices. Therefore, the Commission has started a simple and easy process online and offline. Eligible persons have been given one more chance before the elections. Under this, considering January 1, 2024 as the qualifying date, the work of making new votes will be done by BLOs at all the polling stations from October 27 to December 9. The objective of the program is that no eligible person should be deprived of voting. If a voter has died. So this information should be given to the concerned BLO so that the name of the deceased voter can be removed from the voter list.

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Registration officers in schools and colleges

The Chief Electoral Officer said that Assistant Electoral Registration Officers have been appointed to register the votes of youth in schools and colleges. Apart from this, students of Maharshi Dayanand University are also contributing in the voter list survey and BLOs will also do the work of casting votes at the booth and removing names from the voter list. He said that if complaints are received about any BLO not being available at the booth during the special campaign, action will be taken.

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