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Vivke Agnihotri spoke on ‘The Kashmir Files’ controversy, said- this film was not against any community

Shubham Tripathi: Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, director of the highest-grossing Hindi film ‘The Kashmir Files’ at the Hindi box office in the year 2022, arrived at the ‘Times Literature Festival’ held at Siri Fort Auditorium on Saturday, 11 February. Here Vivek participated in a session on his/her famous film ‘The Kashmir Files’ and talked about the world of films. Initially, the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, which was released in select theatres, was in a lot of controversies. Many people had told it against a community. On this, the director openly kept his/her point.

Vivek Agnihotri said about The Kashmir Files that if you watch the film, you will come to know that my film was not against any particular community, but in this film I have raised questions against the governments and agencies of that time. How did he/she not fulfill his/her responsibilities properly. Vivek Agnihotri also told from where he/she got the idea of ​​making this film. According to him/her, when he/she met a group of Kashmiri Pandits and asked them to make a documentary about the atrocities faced by them, the director did a lot of research on the subject and then made the film. Which was seen and appreciated by a large number of audience in theaters.

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Vivek Agnihotri spoke on ‘The Vaccine War’

Vivek Agnihotri’s next film ‘The Vaccine War’ will release around August 15 this year. Regarding his/her film, Vivek told that many such things happen among us, about which people should be told, but this does not happen. My film The Vaccine War also tells such an important story. Very few people would know that the Covaxin developed in India was made by a team of women. We don’t know that we made this vaccine by fighting a big battle.

Prakash Raj: Prakash Raj raging on ‘The Kashmir Files’ and Vivek Agnihotri – won’t even Bhaskar get Oscar

Vivek Agnahotri will make films on true events

In a packed hall, when Vivek was asked about the allegation that his/her films are agenda-based, he/she said, “Do you know what a big battle America is fighting with the help of Hollywood films.” South Korea has changed its entire economy through films. I am very happy that now our audience is also liking such films, which are based on true events. I will continue to show such stories to the audience in the future as well.

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