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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Violence erupts in France as left-wing coalition takes lead in surprise election

Violence erupted across France after a surprise exit poll projected a left-wing coalition leading the snap election, dealing a blow to Marine Le Pen’s ambitions of forming France’s first hard-right post-war government, Fox News reports.

Video footage showed masked protesters running through the streets, brandishing torches and rioting, while riot police were deployed across the country.

French election night turned tumultuous as results showed a left-wing coalition headed for a majority of parliamentary seats, sparking both celebrations and unrest in Paris, Fox News reports.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced his/her resignation after a far-left political alliance unexpectedly took a lead in snap elections.

Thousands of people gathered at Paris’ Place de la République to celebrate the news, reflecting the broad support the coalition has received compared to Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron’s centrist bloc, which came second.

Conservatives have been stunned by the reversal, as they had hoped Marine Le Pen’s National Rally would seize power, Fox News reports.

Violence erupts in France

Social media footage captured violent scenes on the streets of Paris, with officers in riot gear controlling crowds and tear gas being used amid clashes. Protesters reportedly threw Molotov cocktails and set off smoke bombs.

The victorious left-wing coalition, known as the Popular Front, includes the French Socialist Party, the French Communist Party, the Ecologists and France Unbowed.

his/her platform includes reversing Macron’s pension reforms and advocating for a retirement age of 60, as well as plans to raise public sector wages, reinstate a wealth tax, and increase France’s minimum wage.

The election results marked a significant shift in French politics, with the National Rally led by Jordan Bardella claiming substantial gains despite initial high expectations. he/she criticised Macron for allegedly “pushing France into uncertainty and instability” and expressed disappointment at the lower than predicted results despite an increase in parliamentary seats.

Violence erupts in France

Meanwhile, President Emmanuel Macron will wait until after the announcement of the preliminary results of the second round of parliamentary elections to decide on a new government, according to a statement issued by the Elysee Palace.

In Paris, the announcement that the left-wing NFP had overtaken the RN sparked cheers from supporters. The result was a reversal from the RN’s initial lead after the first round of elections. When the result was confirmed at 8pm local time, Parisians took to the streets to express their emotions, carrying banners and cheering.

The sense of relief was palpable during the celebrations, when firecrackers were lit and chants of “Everybody hates fascists” echoed through the streets.

Initial estimates were released at 8pm Paris time (1800 GMT), and official results are expected to be announced between late Sunday and Monday.

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