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Video: There was no sudden news of Sohail Khan’s divorce, Seema Khan had given a hint of marriage breakdown months ago!

There was a sensation when the news of Sohail Khan and Seema Sachdev’s sudden divorce came to light. They started talking everywhere. Sohail had done love marriage with Seema 24 years ago, but after a few years their relationship started getting sour. After this, both of them started living separately (Sohail Seema Divorce), but no one had any ear-to-ear news about the divorce. However, Seema had declared herself single in March this year and perhaps no one had noticed it then!

Sohail and Seema have filed for divorce in the family court. Both were spotted outside the court yesterday (May 13). Both came out of court separately. It may be shocking for the fans, but according to the news, the relationship of friendship between the two is intact and they have decided to part ways with mutual consent.

Single status was disclosed months ago

A few months back, Seema Khan revealed during an interview with our colleague ETimes that she is single. He was asked a question, in response to which he told that he is completely single and free.

Seema Khan and her best friends
Actually, Seema Khan, Chunky Pandey’s wife Bhavna Pandey, Neelam Kothari and Sanjay Kapoor’s wife Maheep Kapoor are best friends. Their friendship is so deep that the four have worked together in Karan Johar’s web show ‘Fabulous Life of Bollywood Wives’, which has been shown openly about their friendship, family, aspirations and pressures. During this interview, all four were asked who goes to the salon or spa the most? In response, when Bhawna took the name of Seema, she flatly refused. Then Neelam also said that whenever she does a zoom (video call), she (Seema) is always on mute, because either she is in the salon or is getting hair and nails done. Bhavna also agreed to this.

When Seema Sachdev spoke for Sohail Khan – I will always love him
Seema revealed that she is single
However, Seema Khan did not agree to this and said, ‘I like to be particular. Yes, but what can you do? I have time because I am single, fancy free and footless (free to go anywhere or do anything with no restrictions).’ On this, Maheep interrupted him and said that why are you explaining so much!

married in the middle of the night
Sohail and Seema got married in 1998. The two met at Chunky Pandey’s engagement and Sohail fell in love with Seema at a glance. However, Seema’s family members were against this marriage due to the separation of religion, so Sohail caught the Maulvi in ​​the middle of the night and got married. He also had another marriage.

Salman tried to save the marriage
Like Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan’s second brother Sohail’s house is broken. It is said that Salman had tried to save this marriage a lot, but now after the news of divorce came out, it is clear that his efforts failed.

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