Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Video: Knife in monkey’s hand…

Rio de Janeiro: There is an old saying ‘the razor in the hand of the monkey’. This means that a person with low intelligence should not have great power in his hands. Otherwise he will just misuse it. But this proverb has become a reality in Brazil. Actually, in a city of Brazil, a monkey has been roaming around with a knife in his hand for the past several days. Seeing people, this monkey starts putting a knife edge on the wall. Due to this it has become difficult for people to even leave their homes. People are afraid that this monkey might attack anyone with a knife.

Knife rubs against the wall
This incident is being told of Corente in the Brazilian state of Piauai. Corente also has a large National Park. Where this monkey is roaming around with a knife used in the kitchen in hand. Recently, a video of this monkey with a knife in his hand also surfaced. In this, this monkey is seen sitting in the balcony of a shopping center. Seeing the people, this monkey was seen rubbing the knife on the brick wall. It looked like he was sharpening a knife.

tries to scare people
This knife is similar in size to a monkey. Despite this, he tries to scare people by waving them with a knife in his hands. Alessandro Guerra, a local resident who shot the video of the incident, said the monkey has been creating a ruckus in the town for a week. He told local media that it lets people touch it, it even goes to their homes and that many people have already taken it.

People keeping the windows and doors of the houses closed
According to Alessandro Guerra, this monkey has damaged many roofs with knives. In such a situation, seeing the knife in the hand of the monkey, many people are not getting out of the house in fear. People are afraid that this monkey might attack somewhere. At the same time, there are a large number of people who are enjoying seeing the knife in the hand of the monkey. He told that those who are scared are worried because they cannot leave their doors or windows open. Others find it funny, it has become a meme.

Monkey Knife

The campaign to catch the monkey started
The city’s environment department said that they are fully aware of the incident, but they do not have the equipment and expertise to catch the monkey. For this reason the department has contacted an expert team in Teresina, 648.5 km from the city.

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