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Video: Jaya Bachchan got angry in Rajya Sabha when the Speaker praised her, know what she said

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Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and Jaya Bachchan

New Delhi: India’s flag has been hoisted at the 95th Academy Awards. The song Naatu Naatu from the film RRR has created history at this prestigious award ceremony. The song has received the Oscar Award in the Original Song category. And the documentary The Elephant Whispers also won an Oscar. On Tuesday, Rajya Sabha also congratulated for winning the Oscar. The leaders present in the House including the Chairman termed winning this Oscar Award as India’s proud moment. During this, an incident happened which attracted everyone’s attention.

When Jagdeep Dhankar handled the situation

Please tell that Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan Everyone has seen the anger from the Parliament to the road. In this episode, once again Jaya Bachchan got angry. In fact, Jaya Bachchan was congratulating Natu-Natu in the house on getting the Oscar award. Jaya Bachchan said that the cinema market is now in India and not in the US. While she was speaking, the MP present there started interrupting her, which angered Jaya.

She said hey Neeraj what-what in between… and she stopped as soon as she said this. Meanwhile, the Vice President handling the situation Jagdeep Dhankhar silenced the MP and asked Jaya Bachchan to speak further.

Watch video-

Jaya Bachchan thanked the Vice President
Jaya Bachchan started speaking again but was once again interrupted. Then seeing her anger, the Vice President told Jaya Bachchan that Ma’am you speak. It is not your voice but your loud voice. Dhankhar also praised Jaya Bachchan’s family. he/she said that you come from a family which has given a lot to this film industry. Jaya Bachchan also thanked him/her on this.

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