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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Video: Forced to fan with paper… Passengers sweated profusely as AC did not work for 1 hour in SpiceJet flight

New Delhi: The airline SpiceJet has once again come into the limelight due to its negligence. The latest case is related to the AC of the plane. Actually, the passengers were troubled due to the AC not working for about an hour in the plane. At the same time, the health of some passengers also deteriorated. A video from inside the flight has also surfaced. In which the passengers are seen fanning themselves with paper.

what is the whole matter

Actually, after checking in SpiceJet flight SG476 from Delhi to Darbhanga, the passengers were seated in the flight. After that, the AC was not switched on in the flight for about an hour. Due to which the temperature inside the flight increased even more and many passengers even fell ill. A video of this entire incident has also surfaced in which passengers are seen giving relief to themselves by fanning themselves with paper when the AC is not working.

The temperature of the plane had reached close to 40 degrees

Rohan, a passenger on that flight, said that I was going from Delhi to Darbhanga by SpiceJet. After check-in at Delhi airport, they did not turn on the air-conditioning (AC) for an hour. Due to which the temperature inside (the flight) reached 40 degrees. The passengers were having trouble. After that, when the flight took off, the air-conditioning (AC) was turned on.

Passengers sweating profusely

In the SpiceJet video that went viral on social media, it can be seen how much the passengers are troubled by the heat. Some people are fanning themselves with paper while some are seen wiping sweat. However, even after that, the AC was not switched on for an hour in this SpiceJet flight.

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