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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

VIDEO: Earthquake in Pakistan cricket, former captain alleges – he/she was playing to waste the ball…

New Delhi. When Pakistan had to score at a run rate of about six to win over India in the T20 World Cup, one of its batsmen was batting at a strike rate of 60-65. This batsman, who came to bat in the 13th over, played 23 balls and scored only 15 runs. And when it was the turn of the last over in which Pakistan needed 18 runs from 6 balls, he/she was out on the very first ball. Imad Wasim has come under fire due to his/her performance. Pakistan’s former captain Salim Malik has raised questions on Imad Wasim’s game. Salim Malik has been banned on charges of fixing. This is the reason why Salim Malik

Pakistan’s team was able to score only 113 runs for 7 wickets while chasing a target of 120 runs against India on Sunday. During this time, it played 59 dot balls, meaning it did not score any runs on them. India won this match by six runs. This was Pakistan’s second defeat. It has already lost to America. After losing to India, its chances of reaching the Super-8 have become very less.

VIDEO: When Pakistan lost, the 21-year-old player started crying on the field, the Indian team consoled him/her and his/her teammate hugged him/her

Pakistani all-rounder Imad Wasim scored 15 runs off 23 balls. When Imad came to bat, Pakistan needed 47 runs off 46 balls. Former captain Salim Malik said, ‘If you look at his/her (Wasim) innings, it seems that instead of scoring runs, he/she is wasting balls and making things difficult while chasing the target.’

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