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Video: As soon as Rakhi Sawant went on her lap, the child got scared, started crying loudly

Rakhi Sawant Took Baby On Her Arms: Rakhi Sawant had recently arrived to attend a wedding ceremony. The actress had come very well dressed for the wedding. A video of Rakhi has surfaced from this wedding ceremony in which she takes a child in her arms. The child cries while trying to take the child in his/her lap. The child comes to Rakhi but as soon as he/she sees Rakhi, he/she starts barking out of fear. This video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming quite viral on social media. Many comments are also coming on the video.

Why is the child scared?

In the beginning of this video, Rakhi is seen and a voice comes from behind – Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge. When Rakhi takes the child in her lap and the child starts crying, then someone’s voice is heard from behind asking the question – ‘Why is the child scared?’ When Rakhi is holding the child, she says assuring- ‘Aap jaiye aap jaiye’. The child is taken in the lap and the actress says loudly – ‘Are we not simple..’ That’s why the child starts crying. During this, all the people standing around start laughing.

Seeing the crying of the child, Rakhi also screams more, then the child screams even louder than her. People standing around say – call mummy, call mummy. A person says from behind- ‘We will not take this bride. Why is this child scared?

Funny comments of the people who came forward

Seeing this video, many people were seen commenting. One user wrote – ‘Enjoyed’. One said – you are looking scary. So someone said – Hey, who left the child, they have mad people. One wrote in a funny way – tell me the child is scared. So one wrote – they are very scared of him/her, he/she is a child. One user said – Leave the child, even the elders should be scared.

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