Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Video: 2500 years ago, a ship full of utensils was submerged in water, debris found in 222 meters depth

The remains of an ancient shipwreck have been found in the Aegean Sea near the Greek island of Kythira. It is being said that these relics belong to the middle of the fourth to the fifth century BC. Greek power transmission company Independent Power Transmission Operator SA discovered the wreckage during a marine survey. The survey was conducted for seafloor mapping of the Crete-Peloponis subsea interconnection, the largest underwater AC power cable.

According to researchers from the Effort of Underwater Antiquities and the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR), the wreckage of the ship was found at a depth of 222 meters under the sea. Searchers found a pile of amphoras, ancient Greek or Roman jugs, with two handles on the cargo deck of the sunken ship. Researchers believe that Amphorus is related to neighboring islands of Greece, which indicates that commercial activity was going on in the Aegean and Ionian Seas in ancient times.
Mysterious wreckage found on the seashore, ancient ship of British rule buried under the sand?
Researchers making 3D photos of the ship
Researchers are working on creating 3D images of the wreckage to learn more about the sunken ship, its size and weight. Earlier in September, researchers conducted the survey with the help of a remote control vehicle named Max Rover. In a video released by the researchers, immersed vessels can be seen being pulled out of the sea. Finding wrecked ships in underwater surveys is nothing new for marine researchers.

Mysterious shipwreck found in Europe
Earlier last month, the mysterious wreckage of a ship was found on the sea shore in the European country of Latvia. It was estimated that this debris, about 40 feet long, is hundreds of years old. It was discovered by local people on a seashore called Daugavgrīva near the country’s capital, Riga. People came closer after seeing the wreckage floating on the surface of the water, but excavation and investigation revealed the huge wreckage of the ship.


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