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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Very cheap room is available here in Dehradun, you will not believe the price… It is close to the railway station.

Hina Azmi/ Dehradun: These days, many people are coming to Dehradun to visit in the increasing heat. Hotel-home stays are quite expensive here. Today we will tell you places to stay in cheap rooms in Dehradun, where you can book a room for Rs 200 to Rs 300. Whereas, in a hotel you have to pay Rs 500-1000 per day. We are talking about Agarwal Dharamshala, which is a few steps away from the railway station. From here you can also go to Paltan Bazaar on foot for shopping. Despite being on the main road of the city, its prices are very low.

Vishal Sharma, manager of Aggarwal Dharamshala, has informed Local 18 that this Dharamshala was built in 1961. Its foundation was laid by Satyanarayan Gupta. He told that whether it is summer tourism season or Chardham Yatra, we provide rooms to people at very low prices. He told that we have two dormitories of semi-deluxe and normal rooms as well as a hall, which are good options for group stay.

Great convenience at low prices
Vishal Sharma says that we have not increased the rent of general room for the last 8 years. Whereas in semi-deluxe rooms, there has been a slight increase in the charges after renovation. Maintenance charge of Rs 150 is taken for normal room. Whereas bedding charge of Rs 80 is taken. For a semi-deluxe room, a maintenance charge of Rs 250 is charged, while a bedding charge of Rs 80 is charged. That means you will get a semi-deluxe room for Rs 330. The room has all kinds of facilities, like clean bathroom, changing room and lush green garden is also present in Dharamshala. Apart from this, AC room and dormitory room are also available. Not only this, Agarwal Dharamshala also has a hall and lawn for marriages etc. Free accommodation arrangements are made here for saints and disabled people.

Easy connectivity of every location
Due to Aggarwal Dharamshala being located in the center of the city, tourists, travelers and patients from other states get rooms in it at reasonable prices. Paltan Bazaar, Parade Ground and Railway Station are close from here. There is also Mussoorie bus stand, auto and taxi stand from here, from where one can reach anywhere comfortably.

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