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Varanasi: Daughters kept mother’s body hidden in the house for a year, when people entered forcibly, they found her sitting near the skeleton.

Varanasi: A heart-wrenching news has come from Varanasi. In Madarwa area of ​​Lanka police station area, two daughters kept their mother’s dead body hidden from the world for a year. Usha Tripathi, a resident of Madarwa, died on 8 December 2022, after which both her daughters did not cremate the body and kept it in the room. A relative of the deceased woman reached home on Wednesday and inquired. Then the secret was revealed that Usha Tripathi had died a year earlier. The people around were also stunned after hearing the news. The police immediately reached the spot and took possession of the completely decomposed dead skeleton and sent it for post-mortem. The deceased’s husband had died two years ago. The deceased lived with her two daughters.

According to the information, 52-year-old Usha Tripathi’s husband died two years ago. Usha Tripathi, originally from Ballia, had two daughters. On Wednesday morning, some people in Maderwa area of ​​Lanka police station called Usha Tripathi’s brother-in-law Dharmendra Tripathi in Mirzapur and informed him that both the daughters of Usha Tripathi were not visible for the last one week. After receiving this information, Dharmendra Tripathi came to Banaras from Mirzapur. Even after knocking on the door, when no one opened the door, people entered the house. The sight that appeared before entering the house gave everyone goosebumps.

Daughters found sitting with skeletons

Usha Tripathi’s two daughters were sitting in a room inside the house with a skeleton wrapped in a sheet and blanket. The police was immediately informed about this. When the police reached the spot and interrogated both the girls, they told that their mother Usha Tripathi had died on December 8, 2022. Due to lack of resources they did not perform the last rites.

Daughters told how they kept the dead body for a year

The police reached the spot, took both the daughters into custody and started questioning them. During interrogation, both of them told that on December 8, 2022, their mother died due to illness. Due to lack of resources they did not perform the last rites of everyone. When the relatives came asking, they said that the mother’s last rites had been performed. When both the girls were asked how the household expenses were managed for so many days? He told that the expenses of the house were being met by selling the items and jewelery that were in the house. Sometimes she used to borrow from the neighbors also. After cooking food at home, they used to go to the terrace to eat.

One daughter is a graduate and the other is a 10th class student.

Neighbors told that Usha Tripathi’s elder daughter Pallavi is a graduate and her age is about 27 years, while the second daughter Global Tripathi is 17 years old and she is a class 10 student. Police is now busy investigating whether these people have been studying for the last one year. How was her education going, did she go to school or college or not? After all, what is the situation due to which these people did not even perform the last rites of their mother for a year, nor did they let anyone know about it?

Questions arising on death or murder

On hearing the news of keeping the dead body hidden for a year, senior police officers immediately reached the spot. DP Kashi John RS Gautam also reached the spot and talked to both the girls. Lanka police station in-charge said that the skeleton was found there wrapped in a sheet and blanket. The skeleton has been sent for post-mortem. Only after post-mortem will it be known whether this death was natural or murder. After interrogation, it is understood that the mental condition of both the daughters was not good after the death of their parents. Because of this, he kept his mother’s dead body hidden for so many days.

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