Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Vanraj plays this trick to get Anupama, Anuj will regret his/her mistake!

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: After the departure of younger Anu in the TV show ‘Anupama’, first distance and hatred arose between Anuj and Anupama and now Anuj has broken all relations with Anupama and left the Kapadia house. To find Anuj, Anupama also wandered from door to door on the streets of lunatics. Due to the departure of Anupama, there was an atmosphere of tension in the Shah family as well. At the same time, Anuj’s brother-in-law Ankush and Barkha Kapadia have started preparing to take over the empire. Now know what will happen today.

Bapu ji in shock due to the separation of Anuj-Anupama

In today’s episode, it will be shown that Anupama and Anuj are searched everywhere by their family and friends. On the other hand, when Bapuji learns that along with Anuj, Anupama has also left the house, he/she cannot bear the shock and faints. After regaining consciousness, he/she worries about Anupama. Toshu blames himself that because of him/her Anupama had to visit Shah house again and again, due to which his/her and Anuj’s relationship got spoiled. After this, Kinjal and Bapuji also blame themselves. Bapu ji says that Anuj and Anupama’s house is broken because of the Shah family.

Vanraj instigates Anupama against Anuj

Vanraj is happy in his/her heart and he/she tells them that their relationship is broken not because of them but because of their weak relationship. Later, Vanraj remembers Anupama’s words when she praised Anuj. Anupama and Anuj go to the same temple. Anupama prays to God that she gets Anuj. Meanwhile Vanraj comes there. Vanraj says that she used to consider Anuj as God, but he/she is also a human being. he/she was in love with you until he/she met Anupama, but after marriage you turned from heroine to villain. he/she says that he/she used to tell him/her that Anuj is not good.

Anupama will reject Vanraj

In the coming episodes, it will be seen that Anuj will realize that he/she is not running away from Anupama but from himself, as he/she failed to get younger Anu. At the same time, Vanraj asks Anupama to go with him/her, but Anupama refuses him/her. Now it has to be seen whether Vanraj can convince Anupama to go with him/her or not. Will Anuj return to Anupama’s life again or not? The upcoming episodes are going to be interesting.

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