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‘Vaarisu’ beats ‘Thunivu’ at the box office, here’s the account of the earnings of both the films

On the one hand where Bollywood films are not asking for water at the box office, South films are rocking. On January 11, two South films were released at the box office. And on January 13, the Bollywood film ‘Kutte’ was released. While ‘Kutte’ has flopped at the box office, ‘Vaarisu’ and ‘Thunivu’ are doing well. Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Varisu’ and Ajith Kumar’s ‘Thunivu’ are witnessing a clash at the box office. While ‘Thunivu’ entered the 100 crore club on Day 11, ‘Vaarisu’ is now inching closer to 150 crore. Worldwide also ‘Vaarisu’ and ‘Thunivu’ are competing with each other in terms of earnings.

It is to be noted that while ‘Varisu’ was released in Hindi language apart from Tamil and Telugu, ‘Thunivu’ has been released only in Tamil and Telugu languages. Let us tell you how much Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Varisu’ and Ajith Kumar’s ‘Thunivu’ have earned at the box office in 11 days.

Varisu vs Thunivu: ‘Varisu’ beats ‘Thunivu’ in terms of worldwide earnings, 10th day box office report

Varisu Box Office Collection 11 Days

Thalapathy Vijay’s film ‘Varisu’, where it earned Rs 4.15 crore from Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on the 10th day i.e. second Friday, saw a jump on the 11th day. On the 11th day i.e. second Saturday, ‘Vaarisu’ earned Rs 5.8 crore from Tamil language, Rs 0.3 crore from Telugu and Rs 0.45 crore from Hindi language. The film got the highest gross on the 11th day from the Telugu language. There was a slight decline in the earnings from the Hindi and Telugu versions. The 11-day collection of ‘Warisu’ has reached Rs 141.75 crore in the country, while it has earned Rs 244.15 crore worldwide.

Wednesday first day Rs 26.7 crore
Thursday second day Rs 11.55 crore
friday day 3 Rs 10.1 crore (In Hindi – 0.70 crore)
Saturday fourth day Rs 18.4 crore (In Hindi – 1.40 crore)
sunday fifth day Rs 20.5 crore (In Hindi – 1.55 crore)
monday day six Rs 17.00 cr (In Hindi – 0.70 cr)
Tuesday seventh day Rs 15.55 crore (In Hindi – 0.60 crore)
Wednesday eighth day Rs 07.00 crore (In Hindi- 0.50 crore)
Thursday ninth day Rs 4.25 cr (In Hindi – 0.40 cr)
friday tenth day Rs 4.15 crore (Hindi – Rs 0.6 crore)
second saturday eleventh day Rs 6.55 crore (Hindi – Rs 0.45 crore)
Source: sacnilk gross earnings Rs 141.75 crore (In Hindi – 6.45 crore)
worldwide collection So far Rs 244.15 crore

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Thunivu Box Office Collection 11 Days

Talking about Ajith Kumar’s ‘Thunivu’, it had earned Rs 2.45 crore on the 10th day, but the earning increased further on the 11th day. It earned Rs 4.35 crore on its 11th day i.e. second Saturday of release. The Tamil version of this film also earned the most. In 11 days, ‘Thunivu’ earned Rs 100.55 crore nationwide. At the same time, it has earned Rs 167.95 crore worldwide.

Wednesday first day Rs 24.40 crore
Thursday second day Rs 11.80 crore
friday day 3 Rs 8.30 crore
Saturday fourth day Rs 11.00 crore
sunday fifth day Rs 11.90 crore
monday day six Rs 10.80 crore
Tuesday seventh day Rs 9.55 crore
Wednesday eighth day Rs 3.6 crore
Thursday ninth day Rs 2.4 crore
friday tenth day Rs 2.45 crore
second saturday eleventh day Rs 4.35 crore
Source: sacnilk gross earnings Rs 100.55 crore
worldwide collection So far Rs 167.95 crore

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