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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Users got very angry at Mira Rajput, she was criticized for making her assistant hold the umbrella in the rain

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput came out in the rain in Mumbai and was seen enjoying the pleasant weather. But during this time she became the target of the users and was badly trolled. Actually Mira Rajput was not walking with an umbrella herself, but the assistant was holding the umbrella on her head, while he/she himself was walking getting drenched in the rain. Due to this, Mira Rajput was criticized on social media. Users questioned why Mira Rajput can’t hold the umbrella herself? This video of Mira Rajput has been shared by a paparazzi on his/her Instagram account, on which many comments are coming from the users. One user has written, ‘Can’t even hold the umbrella by yourself.’ Another user wrote, ‘Can’t believe that Mira said that I cannot be a part time mom. My child is not a puppy. But look, he/she needs help to hold the umbrella.’ Mira Rajput is being criticized a lot.

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput praised her mother-in-law and said- can anyone dance like her?

Meera Rajput was reprimanded

Another comment reads, ‘She can’t even hold the umbrella herself and says that she opened the cosmetic store alone.’ Another user wrote, ‘She can’t hold the umbrella herself. Even Kate Middleton holds her own umbrella.’


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What does Meera Rajput do?

Mira Rajput has been targeted on many occasions for different reasons, but she does not care about trolls. Mira Rajput married Shahid Kapoor on 7 July 2015 and they are parents of children. Mira describes herself as a celebrity partner and investor. Talking about Shahid, he/she was seen in the film ‘Farzi’ in the year 2023, and has not announced any new project at the moment.

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