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Use of such towels can be a victim of infection, towels also contain harmful bacteria

It is very dangerous for children to use non-washable towels

Our skin contains a variety of microorganisms, but not all are harmful. Actually, there are some microorganisms present on the skin, which help in protecting us from pathogens. When you shower and wipe yourself with a towel, you transfer all the bacteria, water, and dead skin to the towel. The dead skin and moisture serve as food for the microorganisms and they begin to multiply.

Apart from this, your skin produces acid which prevents germs from growing and causing harm. So, if your towel is wet, has dirt in it and you use it, you invite infection and skin problems. If these towels can be even more harmful to children’s skin.

Dirty towels can cause these problems on the skin

If you use your towel for a long time without doing it, dirt and dead skin remain on it. Using such towels transfers dead skin and micro-organisms to your skin, which can become a cause of acne outbreaks. It can also cause skin problems like eczema, rashes and ringworm. If you already suffer from skin problems, then using dirty towels can make the symptoms worse.

How often should you change towels?

The right way to protect yourself from skin problems is to wash your towels frequently. Some experts recommend putting it in a laundry bag after three uses. So if you take a bath every day, then wash your towel twice a week. If you are reusing a towel, make sure it is completely dry. This simple remedy can save you from skin related diseases.

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