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Use neem water in hair care in 3 ways, you will get relief from many hair problems, these will be great benefits


You can make hair long, thick and strong by applying neem and curry leaves hair mask.
To keep hair healthy and problem free, you can wash hair with neem water.

Neem Water Benefits for Hair: Consumption of neem leaves is helpful in curing many serious diseases of the body. At the same time, some people also take the help of neem to take special care of the skin. But do you know the benefits of neem in hair care. Yes, by using neem water on the hair in some special way, you can remove not one but many problems.

Neem is considered to be the best source of antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-diabetic, vitamin E, vitamin C and anti-fungal elements. In such a situation, by using neem water on hair, you can overcome many problems like hair fall, dandruff, damaged hair and scalp infection. So let’s know the use of neem water in hair care.

Do hair massage with neem water

To use neem water in hair care, heat water in a large pan. Now put neem leaves in this water and boil it. After boiling for some time, keep the water to cool down. Now apply neem water on hair and scalp. Then massage hair with light hands. This will end hair lice and leaks. Also your hair will start looking shiny.

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Use neem and curry leaves

The use of neem water and curry leaves can also prove to be the health secret of hair. In this case, dry and grind neem leaves. Now mix water in the powder made from neem leaves. Then add 3-4 spoons of curry leaves powder to this mixture and mix it well. Now apply this paste on the hair and massage the scalp with light hands. After some time wash the hair with shampoo. By trying this recipe once a week, your hair will become long, thick and strong.

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Do hair wash with neem water

To get rid of hair problem, you can also wash hair with neem water. In this case, first wash the hair with mild shampoo. Now wash neem leaves and boil them in water.

After the water turns green, cool it and then wash hair with this water. This will keep your hair healthy and problem free. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Presswire18 News does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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