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US, UK, EU… Will Vladimir Putin bow down by the announcement of sanctions against daughters?

Moscow: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Russia Invasion of Ukraine) after the US, UK and European Union showered sanctions (Sanctions Against Russia) Done. Despite this, Russian army attacks in Ukraine (Russian Army Attacks in Ukraine) continues to grow. Massacre in Bucha, Ukraine (Bucha Massacre) after the US, UK and European Union President Vladimir Sanctions against Putin’s daughters ,Sanctions Against Putin Daughters) have been installed. The US was the first to announce sanctions. Two days later, Britain and the European Union also imposed sanctions on Putin’s two daughters. Supporters of Ukraine are believed to be trying to increase the level of pressure by targeting Putin’s family. However, experts believe that it is not going to have any significant effect.

Britain also banned Putin’s daughters
Britain has added two daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin to its sanctions list. The British government said on Friday it had confiscated the assets of Putin’s daughters – Katarina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s daughter – Yakaterina Vinokurova, and imposed travel restrictions on them. Britain says it has imposed sanctions on 1,200 Russian citizens and businesses, including 16 banks, on Ukraine since the February 24 Russian attack.

Vladimir Putin Daughters: America imposes ban on Vladimir Putin’s daughters, European countries can also announce soon
EU also includes Putin’s daughters in sanctions list
The European Union (EU) has also announced sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s two daughters for invading Ukraine. The EU has prepared a list of people whose assets will be confiscated and travel restrictions will be imposed. These include the names of Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova and Katrina Tikhonova. Officials of two EU countries gave this information on condition of anonymity. These restrictions have not yet been publicly announced.

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Will Putin bow down to sanctions against daughters?
The sanctions against Putin’s daughters are being seen as a symbolic move. It is not yet clear whether the two have any significant assets outside Russia. In such a situation, the sanctions of America, Britain and the European Union on Putin’s daughters will not have much effect. However, the announcement of sanctions against daughters will definitely increase the pressure on Putin.

Vladimir Putin Daughters: Know Vladimir Putin’s daughters who are under threat of sanctions, EU made strong preparations
Vladimir Putin has two daughters
Russian President Vladimir Putin has two daughters. One of them is named Maria Vorontsova and the other is Katerina Tikhonova. All information about Putin’s two daughters is kept very confidential. They have many different names and Putin himself has never confirmed the names of his daughters. Even after Putin’s daughters grow up, no official photos have been released.

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What do Putin’s two daughters do?
In 2015, Putin made public some information about his daughters. Then it was told by the Kremlin, the office of the Russian President, that both the girls had graduated from Russian University and knew several languages. According to the report, Putin’s eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova is the co-owner of a company named Nomenko. This company is at the top in terms of private investment in Russia’s healthcare sector. At the same time, Putin’s second daughter Katerina Tikhonova runs an artificial intelligence institute at Moscow State University.

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