Sunday, June 4th, 2023

US Troops: The threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine! Biden strengthens the hands of NATO in Eastern Europe, sends thousands of soldiers

Brussels : US President Joe Biden this week sent about 2,000 troops to Poland and Germany, showing American loyalty to his allies on the eastern side of NATO, amid fears of a Russian military attack on Ukraine. And 1000 soldiers from Germany are being transported to Romania. The Pentagon (Department of Defense) gave this information on Wednesday. Announcing these steps, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that US forces will not enter Ukraine and will move to new frontiers in the US command in the coming days.

“These are not permanent steps. He said the aim was to reassure allies amid heightened tensions over Russian military build-up near the Ukrainian border. He said that the Russian gathering continues even in the last 24 hours. “These soldiers are not going to fight in Ukraine,” the press secretary said, referring to sending troops from America to Germany and Poland and from Germany to Romania.
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‘The purpose of deployment is not to fight, but to stop the attack’
Meanwhile, Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszak tweeted that the US deployment to his country is a “strong gesture of solidarity in the context of the situation in Ukraine”. The Pentagon said in a separate written statement that the cavalry’s deployment is intended to “deter an offensive and enhance its defense capability to advance allies while at increased risk.” “What is important is that we send a signal to Putin and to the world of America’s commitment to NATO,” Kirby said.

Putin is ready to attack!
The US has taken this step amid stalled talks with Russia over the gathering of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. The US has underscored growing fears across Europe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to invade Ukraine, and smaller North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states in Eastern Europe are worried it may be their next turn. can.
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It is noteworthy that after the deployment of more than one lakh soldiers of Russia near the Ukrainian border, the possibility of Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased. However, Russian officials insisted that Moscow had no intention of attacking. Meanwhile, a leaked document published in a Spanish newspaper on Wednesday revealed that if Russia decides to withdraw from Ukraine’s border, the US will try to reduce tensions over the missile deployment in Europe. Might be willing to make a deal with.

declined to comment on the leaked document
El Pais newspaper published two documents that were written last week by the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in response to Russia’s proposals for a new security deal in Europe. However, the US State Department declined to comment on this. NATO, in reference to the second document, said it never commented on the alleged leak. These messages largely reflect the statement made by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to the media last week. He had told the stand of the military organization of 30 countries on the demands of Russia.


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