Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

US Hypersonic Missile: American Brahmastra will become the era of China and Russia, successful test of hypersonic missile for the first time

Washington: The US Air Force has successfully tested a hypersonic missile called the modern Brahmastra for the first time. Earlier, America had tested hypersonic missile many times but could not get success in it. It is being told that the US has tested the air-fired Rapid Response Weapon or ARRW off the coast of California with the help of a B-52 bomber. It is being told that the AGM-183A missile achieved a hypersonic speed of more than 5 Mach during the test.

The US Air Force said that the missile achieved all the goals during this test. ARRW is a boost glide missile which is given hypersonic speed to the ammunition with the help of booster rocket. A glide vehicle then separates from the booster and then accelerates at hypersonic speed towards its target. This is the first time that the entire system of a hypersonic missile has been successfully tested. Earlier tests focused on the booster rocket.
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No one has the break of hypersonic missiles yet

According to CNN’s report, the hypersonic system ARRW proved to be a failure in several tests last year. Because of this, this entire project of the US Air Force was suspended. After this, the US Ministry of Defense Pentagon came into action. Actually, both China and Russia were continuously testing many deadly hypersonic missiles by American enemies. This made the Pentagon tense. The reason for this is that no country has the break of hypersonic missiles yet.

In the Ukraine war, Russia has also used its hypersonic missile Kinjhal fiercely. This is probably the first time that hypersonic missiles have been used in a war. Last year, a Chinese hypersonic missile circled the whole world before hitting its target. There was an atmosphere of panic all over the world because of this test. Hypersonic missiles are almost impossible to intercept and then destroy. This is the reason why from India to America have put their full strength to achieve this Brahmastra.

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