Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

US Deadly Bomb Cyclone: ​​Situation dangerous due to icy bomb cyclone in America, 18 people died

New York: In many states of America, the weather remains very dangerous at this time. The snow bomb cyclone that came here has put lives in danger. The situation is such that even the emergency response teams are unable to function. International airports are closed and thousands of people are stranded at the airports. There is power failure in about 17 lakh houses and in such a situation the difficulties have increased further. So far 18 people have lost their lives due to bad weather, car crashes, falling trees and other reasons across the country. This situation has happened due to the dangerous cyclone which has been named Bomb Cyclone. Due to this snow storm, all the plans for Christmas and New Year have been ruined and the holidays have become completely useless.

Medical teams could not reach

Three people have died in the Buffalo area of ​​New York, out of which two people have died in their homes. The health of these people had deteriorated and emergency medical teams could not reach them due to the blizzard. About 200 million people in the country were working on warnings of bad weather on Saturday. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature in many places was up to -48 degrees.

1.7 million homes are without electricity and heating equipment has become unusable. Bomb cyclone is expected to become more dangerous. The country’s largest electronic grid operator has warned that 6.5 million people in the eastern US may have to live in blackouts. According to the operator, blackout has become necessary in this season. The storm had hit earlier this week. Since then the situation is out of control.
US Weather News: Ice storm in America dangerous after arctic blast, temperature dropped to 40 degrees in 30 minutes
Chaos at airports

Hundreds of flights have been canceled at major airports in the US Pacific Northwest due to snow and ice storms. As of 8 a.m. local time Friday, Seattle, the largest city in the northwestern US state of Washington, had canceled 449 flights, Xinhua news agency reported. Of these, 39 per cent flights were going out of the city and 40 per cent were coming flights.

Portland, Oregon, had 202 or 46 percent of flights canceled and 41 percent of flights arriving. A total of 51 flights were canceled at San Francisco Airport, the largest airport in California’s Bay Area. Another 79 flights were delayed. Thousands of flights across the US have been canceled on Friday. Holiday travel has been cut short as snowstorms and freezing weather conditions worsen over two-thirds of the country this weekend.
Flight Turbulence: Due to bad weather in America, the balance of the flight was disturbed, 12 passengers were seriously injured.
what is bomb cyclone
There are chances of further deepening of bomb cyclone or cyclone in the coming days in America. What is this bomb cyclone? A bomb cyclone means a very fast-moving low-pressure system. Bomb cyclones can be normal snow storms or they can be tropical. When the central pressure has dropped by at least 24 millibars within 24 hours, then that weather condition is called a bomb cyclone.

bomb weather
Most of these storms occur over the sea but they can rain like bombs on the land and bring devastation. At this time this storm is moving towards the big lakes. Where there is sometimes very cold air and sometimes there is very hot moist air, its apprehension increases there. These types of storms are considered to be better located in the mid-Atlantic and off the northeast coast where the Gulf Stream has warm waters.

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