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UPSC Exam: Good writing skills are necessary for UPSC exam, know how to write answer


  • How to Increase Writing Skills for UPSC Exam?
  • Know what to keep in mind while writing the answer
  • Complete preparation will be done with easy tips

Improve Writing Skills For UPSC: UPSC Mains exam consists of nine descriptive papers. And it is necessary to score the minimum required marks to reach the interview. Thousands of people give the main written exam and most of all read the same content, books. In such a situation, it becomes very important that you make a different impression on the examiner by separating your writing style. You need to write the answer in a style that is nice, neat, systematic, error-free, aesthetic and also reflects your clear understanding of the facts. Today we are telling you what are the ways to improve writing skills for UPSC Mains Exam.

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The more you read, the better you will write. Because more of your reading indirectly introduces you to the good writing methods which are also reflected in your writing. There is a lot of reading to prepare for IAS, so whenever you read magazines or newspapers, pay attention to the style of how any content is written. This will go a long way in improving writing skills in UPSC exam. The more you read, the better your writing will become.

keep your outline consistent
Your stylus outline shows the main structure of the written content. So keep the outline of your content right. Whatever you have written or the answer given must have introduction, body and conclusion. And make sure that it is as consistent as possible.
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Don’t use unnecessary jargon or technical terms
While writing answers in UPSC Mains Exam, restrict the use of technical terms and clichés unnecessarily. Do not write just to fill the word number. Remember that quality is more appreciated than quantity.

Avoid Generalization
In any writing, it is important to avoid generalization. A simple answer doesn’t make a good impression on anyone, so always provide content that you can substantiate with basic facts and information.

avoid too many embellishments
You must give examples in your answer. They definitely reflect your knowledge. But avoid giving too many examples. Also, you can give some metaphors and similes in your answers. But only very rarely and only when you think they are absolutely necessary to be told. Otherwise, save the embellishments for the optional paper of English Literature.
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make your original
Don’t put what you read on the same answer sheet. Always write the answer in your own words. But show maximum creativity in writing.

practice will make you perfect
Nothing can be made perfect without practice and nothing can be improved. Practice answer writing for UPSC exam as much as possible as it can be the difference between victory and defeat in this highly-competition exam.

Make your writing as error-free as possible
Always make sure that your answer does not contain grammatical and spelling errors.

Incorporate all of the above tips into your writing practice every day. With this, you will become more proficient in your writing skills every day. Knowledge alone is not enough to crack the IAS exam. You need to convince the examiner who is improving your answer sheet that you have good knowledge and ideas to become a first class civil servant.


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