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UP Election 2022: People of Badaun will tell election issues tomorrow, talk to youth and women in the struggle for power, questions from leaders

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Published by: Himanshu Mishra
Updated Sun, 14 Nov 2021 05:52 PM IST


The election chariot of ‘Amar Ujala’ ‘Satta Ka Sangram’ is now reaching Badaun through four important districts of Western UP. The ‘Struggle of Power’ will begin here on Monday morning with a discussion over tea. In the afternoon, there will be dialogue with youth and women and then in the evening questions will be asked from the leaders of major political parties.

Badaun, Uttar Pradesh Election 2022
– Photo : Amar Ujala

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In Badaun, where Lord Buddha once gave a discourse, whose religious identity is Suryakund, the politics of that place also has its own style. In such Badaun, what will be the issues regarding the assembly elections this time? What issues are important for women and youth? Will there be votes in the name of religion, caste or religion in the election or will there be talk of development? How much changed Badaun in the last four and a half years of the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh? What do people think about women’s safety, employment issues? To answer all these questions, tomorrow the election chariot of ‘Amar Ujala’ ‘Satta Ka Sangram’ will reach Badaun.

You have a good chance to join this platform of ‘Amar Ujala’. This is your own platform, from where you will be able to raise every issue of your region, city, state and country. Will you be able to tell what are your expectations from the leaders and political parties in the coming elections? On which issues will you vote and what do you want from the leaders?

When and where will the events take place?

1. 8 am

discuss tea

Location: Gandhi Udyan

2. 12 noon

talk to half the population

Venue : Badaun Club

3. 2 pm

discussion with youth

Location : Outside Government Degree College, Housing-Development

4. 4:30 pm

Discussion with political parties

Venue : Badaun Club

So far the program in these four districts

So far this program of ‘Amar Ujala’ has been done in four districts of western Uttar Pradesh. This ‘struggle of power’ which started from Ghaziabad will reach Badaun via Moradabad, Rampur, Amroha and Bareilly.

What will be special in ‘Struggle of Power’?

Amar Ujala will reach voters of every section under the electoral chariot ‘Satta Ka Sangram’. There will be dialogue with women and youth and direct questions will be asked from political figures. Amar Ujala will give you a platform where you can put forth your views so that when political personalities come to hold election rallies, they will also remember the ground issues related to you.

special incentive system

Special incentives have also been arranged for the audience and the audience participating at the grassroots level in the programs related to ‘Satta Ka Sangram’.

Where can you watch this special coverage?

  • You will get information about the venue on Amar Ujala newspaper and
  • You will be able to read the extensive ground coverage related to ‘Satta Ka Sangram’ in Amar Ujala newspaper.
  • On you will be able to watch the programs live.
  • All the programs can also be seen on Amar Ujala Digital’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.
  • The voice of the public recorded through all these programs will also be available exclusively on Amar Ujala’s podcast “Awaaz”.


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