Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Ukraine War: Who is sending Afghan soldiers to war in Ukraine? Taliban took the name of this country for the first time

Kabul: Taliban has made a big disclosure on the involvement of former Afghan soldiers in the Russia-Ukraine war. Khalil Rahman Haqqani, the refugee affairs minister in the Taliban government, has claimed that Iran is using former Afghan soldiers as a force. He is sending Afghan soldiers to Ukraine for war for his benefit. Haqqani said during his visit to Parwan that apart from the war in Ukraine, these soldiers have also been sent to fight in Syria and Iraq. Many western countries had claimed that Russia was calling these fighters to fight on behalf of their country by paying them. These Afghan soldiers have been trained by the American and British forces.

Taliban said – We raised the issue in front of Iran

Haqqani said that I have shared this issue with the Iranian authorities. Former Afghanistan soldiers have previously been used in combat in Iraq and Syria, and may also be in the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, some military analysts have also claimed that Iran is using former Afghan soldiers who have taken refuge in their country fearing the Taliban. These soldiers are involved in violent activities at the behest of Iran to earn money. So far there has been no disclosure about the number of such soldiers.

Disclosure of ex-serviceman – forced to earn money

Sarwar Niazi, a former Afghanistan soldier, said they were used not only in Iraq and Syria but also in the Ukraine war. Russia had given him money for this. He said that he was forced to get in touch with such groups to make ends meet for the family. Military expert Sadiq Shinwari said host countries, including Iran, should not use Afghan migrants as a military force.

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Iran rejects Taliban’s allegations

However, the Iranian embassy in Kabul denied the claim that Iran is sending former Afghan soldiers to fight in the war in Ukraine. Seyed Abbas Badri, media director of the Iranian embassy in Kabul, said there may be rumors about the use of former Afghan soldiers in the war in Ukraine, which Iran denies. About a month ago, Foreign Policy magazine claimed that Iran sent several former Afghan soldiers to fight in Ukraine.

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