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Ukadiche Modak: This is the real Maharashtrian modak, not the one with mawa and boondi.

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ukadiche modak recipe

Pickle Mod: Modak has special importance in offering on Ganesh Chaturthi. People prepare and eat it in different ways. In North India, most people buy and eat it. But you will be surprised to know that the modak you are eating is not actually the Maharashtrian modak that people eat on this occasion in Mumbai and the rest of South India. Actually, this modak is called Ukadiche Modak which is made by steaming. Neither milk nor sugar is used in this. Apart from this it is quite healthy. Let us know about its recipe in detail.

How to make Ukadiche modak – Ukadiche modak recipe in hindi

To make Ukadiche Modak you will need

-rice flour
-grated coconut
-steamer pot

ukadiche modak

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ukadiche modak

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-To make Ukadiche Modak, first prepare the stuffing of Modak.
-For this, put ghee in a pan and add grated coconut.
-Add jaggery powder or break it and mix it.
-Now add cardamom powder on it.
-Cover so that the jaggery melts with the steam.
-After this, stir it on low flame and make it a little dry.
-Take off the vessel.
-After this, take a pan and keep 4 cups of water in it.
-Add 2 cups rice flour and 2 teaspoons ghee in it.
-Cover it for a while too. When the rice flour looks soft and mixed due to steam, take it out.
-Now prepare this rice flour by kneading it like roti dough.

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Now you have to take the modak mold and apply ghee inside it. Then make a small ball of this dough and put it in it and stick it inside it by pressing on the design with the help of fingers so that the shape of modak comes. After this, fill the jaggery stuffing of Modak in it and then stick a little more dough on top. Now open the mold and your modak is ready. Now place the modak prepared in this way in a steamer vessel and cook for 10 to 15 minutes and take it out. If it looks raw then cook it a little more. Now serve it.

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