Sunday, March 26th, 2023

UK to Pakistan Flight: Globemaster plane flying between Britain and Pakistan, delivering weapons to help Ukraine? Russia may flare up

London : Britain’s Royal Air Force has been operating almost daily flights with C-17 Globemaster aircraft from Romania to an airbase in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, since earlier this month. This has been revealed from the data of the flight tracking website. People familiar with the matter say that these flights are related to a mission in support of Ukraine. However, at the moment it is not clear what kind of equipment the bulky RAF aircraft is airlifting. The Globemaster can fly with cargo weighing up to 77,000 kg.

According to reports, the operation of flights from the Royal Air Force’s Akrotiri base on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus was first reported by some social media accounts. Users used flight tracking data for this. These flights include a Boeing C-17A Globemaster III of the RAF. Officials in Britain, Romania or Pakistan have not given any official statement about these flights.

Putin Vs US: US is prolonging Ukraine war… Putin blames Washington for 6 months of fighting, angry at giving arms
Britain supplying arms to Ukraine
These flights are being tracked since August 6. The Globemaster, which took off from Cyprus, was tracked in Pakistan’s airspace on Tuesday while on its way to the Pakistan Air Force’s Noor Khan airbase in Rawalpindi. Data from flight tracking websites shows that RAF flights flew through the airfields of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Oman before entering Pakistan. Britain, led by Boris Johnson, has been backing Ukraine in the face of a Russian offensive since February and has been supplying large quantities of modern weapons.

Pakistan and Ukraine have deep military ties
Pakistan has more than 320 Ukrainian T-80UD tanks. Pakistan and Ukraine have deep military ties and Islamabad has deployed retired military officers as envoys to Kyiv for more than a decade. Britain is a staunch opponent of Russia, but Pakistan has refrained from criticizing Russia’s attack on Ukraine. In such a situation, if these flights are being operated against Russia in support of Ukraine, then it can provoke Putin.

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