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Udit’s interesting disclosure about the film ‘Gadar’, reached the studio with stamp paper to record the song

Singer Udit Narayan has sung more than one hit song in the last 40 years. Whenever Udit Narayan is mentioned, a smiling face floats in front of the eyes. After 22 years, Udit Narayan has sung the song ‘Ud Ja Kale Kava’ from ‘Gadar’ in a different style in ‘Gadar 2’. During the press conference organized regarding this film, Udit Narayan told that it was a great challenge for him/her to sing his/her own songs again. In ‘Gadar’ also, Udit Narayan first recorded the song ‘Ud Ja Kale Kava’. But before singing this song, he/she had put a condition in front of the film’s producer-director Anil Sharma.

During the press conference of the film ‘Gadar 2’, singer Udit Narayan revealed that he/she had placed a condition with producer-director Anil Sharma to sing in ‘Gadar’ and only after that condition was fulfilled, Udit Narayan agreed to sing in ‘Gadar’. Sung the rest of the songs. The music of ‘Gadar’ was given by Uttam Singh and the music of ‘Gadar 2’ was given by Mithun Sharma. Udit Narayan said, ‘I have been a big fan of Mithun since ‘Aashiqui 2’, but never got a chance to sing with him/her. Because of Anil Sharma ji, I got a chance to sing in ‘Gadar 2’ under the music direction of Mithun.

Singer Udit Narayan said, ‘An artist has a hunger to keep working all the time. Been thinking for a long time that Mithun does so many movies, so why not my song in those movies? Mithun’s music direction in Gadar 2 made ‘Ud Ja Kale Kava’ sing in a different way, it was a big challenge for me how to sing my own song differently. Mithun helped me a lot in this matter. In two hours I sang the songs and very politely asked that if the songs are not good then I will sing them again. But Anil Sharma ji said that you have sung like a waterfall. If I am at this stage today, there is a huge contribution of the producer-director and musicians behind it.

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These days there is a lot of discussion about the song ‘Ud Ja Kale Kava’ from ‘Gadar 2’. Udit Narayan said, ‘Actually this song is Punjabi folk. Anand Bakshi ji used to love me very much. Whenever he/she used to see me, he/she used to say that Smiling Singer has come. The music of ‘Gadar’ was given by Uttam Singh. Uttam ji said that he/she has to sing ‘Ud Ja Kale Kava’ and Bakshi ji wants him/her to sing from the heart. Anil Sharma ji said, look here also you have a challenge to sing well. I said that if I sing this song well, then I also have a condition.

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Singer Udit Narayan says, ‘I said that I have brought a stamp paper, if ‘Ud Ja Kale Kava’ was sung well, then sign that I will sing all the songs of ‘Gadar’. Anil ji said sing first and I sang this song first. The next day Zee Studio people came and got me to sign the stamp paper and I sang all the songs of the film. Little did I know that the film would create a history. Talking about ‘Gadar 2’, this film will be released in theaters next month on 11 August 2023.

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