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Two Headed Cow: The cow gave birth to a two-headed calf, the farmer was shocked to see the unique animal, as rare as 1 in 2500

Washington: A US farmer was shocked when her cow gave birth to a mutant calf with two heads. The cow of a female farmer named Leslie Hunvil was struggling a lot to give birth. When his/her investigation was done then it became clear why this is happening. The woman said, ‘On examining him/her, it was found that one head and front legs of the calf were in the birth canal and the calf was not big enough for the cow to give birth on its own. So it was surprising why he/she was having difficulty.

The woman farmer said, ‘A lump or swelling was felt on one side of the back of the head. But what would you think when you are not expecting two ends. It was not immediately apparent that the calf had two heads. Although it was clear that something is different. The calf that came out was one of 2500 cases but Leslie didn’t immediately understand what had happened. “The body of the calf was small but the head looked abnormally large,” he/she said.

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First experience even for an experienced farmer

he/she said, ‘It is difficult to understand what you are seeing when you are not expecting what is in front of you. Still, it took a minute—are those two heads? It was shocking when it finally became clear that it was a two-headed calf. Leslie is an experienced Cow Farmer and has worked on her family’s ranches in Nevada and California for many years. But it was also a first for him/her.

Cases equal to one in 2500

The woman said, ‘Two-headed cows are produced in 0.039 percent of births. This is equal to one in 2,500. he/she explained, ‘This happens when one embryo tries to split into two separate embryos that lead to twins, but the split sometimes doesn’t complete.’ he/she said that it is not genetic so it is a rare phenomenon. ‘I never expected to see such an incident in my life.’

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