Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Two brothers went to take bath in the mine, one drowned

quota. The closed mines in the industrial area of ​​Ramganj Mandi are proving fatal due to their depth. On Tuesday, two brothers went to take bath in the closed mine. One of which drowned. Police and villagers tried to search for the young man, but due to the depth of the mine, the young man went into the deep. In such a situation, Kota SDRF started the search operation on Wednesday morning. SDRF was successful in the operation that took about 2 hours. The body of the youth was taken out. The body of Ram Vilas son Jagannath, resident of Aklera, Jhalwad, has been kept in the mortuary of Suket Hospital. Post mortem will be done at 3 pm after the arrival of family members. According to the information, around 3 pm on Tuesday, Ram Vilas (28), his elder brother Nandkishore and another youth had a liquor party. After which all three planned to take bath in the closed mine in Hariyakhedi. All three went down into the mine to take bath. After about 30 minutes of bathing, Ramvilas swam and reached the middle of the mine. From where he suddenly drowned. Although his friends tried to find him, they failed. After which searching was done with the help of villagers including police. But due to the depth of the mine, the young man could not be found. After which SDRF Kota was informed late on Tuesday night. SDRF team reached the spot at around 6 am on Wednesday and started the search operation. Two divers searched for the young man in the depths of the mine for about 30 minutes. Which was stuck in a big stone. After about 2 hours of operation, the team took out the body of Ram Vilas7.

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Ramvilas and his brother along with Nand Kishore worked as laborers in the Kota stone factory. The deceased was unmarried. Just a year ago, I had come to Kota from village Aklera (Jhalawar) with my brother to work in a factory. There are many closed mines near the population around Ramganj Mandi area. Which is about 500-700 feet deep. In which common people have lost their lives in some accidents this year. Last year itself, a young man died due to drowning in the same mine. Even after this the Mining Department did not take any action to close and seize the mine. Due to negligence in mining, some mines are getting filled with rain water. Whereas there is a rule to fill the mine after the material is extracted. But still accidents are happening in closed mines.

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