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Turkey Earthquake: Pain on the lips, tears in the eyes, Turkey’s devastating earthquake took 2,300 lives, full update

Ajmarin: A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and southern Syria on Monday, killing more than 2,300 people. Hundreds of buildings have been damaged by the earthquake. The casualty toll is expected to rise as rescuers are still searching the affected areas for people trapped under the debris. The tremor was felt on both sides of the border before sunrise and people had to come out despite the cold and rain. Many buildings have collapsed due to the earthquake and aftershocks are still being felt. Rescue workers and residents in various cities are trying to pull out survivors from collapsed buildings.

Patients, including newborns, had to be evacuated from a Turkish hospital and several hospitals in Syria that were destroyed in the earthquake. A resident of the Turkish city of Adana said that three buildings around him had collapsed. Muhammad Fatih Yavuz, a journalism student, said a man trapped alive in the rubble said as rescue workers tried to pull him out, “I have no strength left.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “The earthquake The work of clearing the debris of many buildings is going on in the area, we do not know how much the number of dead and injured will increase. “Hope we put this day of disaster behind our unity and solidarity towards the country,” he said. Will leave.

tremors felt far away

The epicenter of the earthquake was Turkey’s southeast province of Kahramanmaras and tremors were felt as far away as Cairo. In Damascus too, people were forced to take to the streets because of the earthquake and in Beirut, people were sleeping when the tremors were felt. The earthquake struck an area of ​​Syria where civil war has raged for more than a decade and the affected area is divided between government and rebels and surrounded by Russian-backed government forces. At the same time, due to the conflict in the Turkish region, millions of refugees are settled. Four million people displaced by the fighting are living in opposition-held Syrian territory. Many of these were living in buildings that had already been damaged by the bombing.

turkey earthquake (6)

Earthquake devastation in Turkey.

18 thousand people lost their lives in the earthquake

The White Helmets opposition emergency organization said in a statement that hundreds of families were buried under the rubble. Rescuers said medical centers and hospitals, already straining for resources, were quickly filled with the wounded. According to the SMS medical organization, several hospitals, including the military hospital, have been evacuated. The area lies in a major earthquake prone zone and in 1999 a similar powerful earthquake struck northwestern Turkey, killing about 18,000 people.

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was about 33 km from Gaziantep at a depth of 18 km. Its tremors were felt in the provinces. According to the survey, a few hours later another earthquake of magnitude 7.5 was felt, whose epicenter was just 100 kilometers away from the former’s epicenter. Turkey’s Disaster Management Agency said it was an isolated earthquake and dozens more aftershocks were expected. The agency’s Orhan Tatar told reporters that two aftershocks were followed by hundreds of aftershocks. Thousands of buildings have been reported destroyed, from the cities of Aleppo and Hama in Syria to Diyarbakır in Turkey. The President said that about 3000 buildings have been destroyed by the earthquake.

turkey earthquake (7)

The world came forward to help Turkey

The vice president said a hospital collapsed in the Mediterranean coastal city of Iskanderon, but there was no immediate information on casualties. A Turkish television station broadcast pictures in which the TV screen in their studio was split into four or five pieces. In the city of Kahramanmaras, rescue workers pulled two children alive from the rubble and pictures showed them being laid on a stretcher in a snow-covered field. So far, dozens of countries, including the European Union and NATO, have offered Turkey’s help, sending everything from search and rescue teams to medical supplies and money. Dr Steven Godby, a natural hazards expert at Nottingham Trent University, said pictures coming in from the affected areas showed significant loss of life, with the cold and civil war in the area complicating rescue workers. has increased

Turkey (9)

People running away from the earthquake area

People in Turkey want to leave earthquake-hit areas, causing traffic jams and emergency teams are finding it difficult to reach the accident sites. The authorities have appealed to the people not to come on the streets. Mosques in the area have been opened for those whose houses have been damaged as the temperature in the area is near zero. The historic castle on the hill of Gaziantep has been damaged due to the earthquake. The fort wall and watchtowers have been heavily damaged. Meanwhile, the earthquake sparked a new crisis in the occupied Idlib province in northwestern Syria, which has already been subjected to years of Russian and government airstrikes. The region is dependent on Turkey for everything from food to medical supplies. All relief supplies reach Idlib through Turkey.

turkey earthquake

Relatives searching for their loved ones.

people buried under the rubble in syria

In northwestern Syria, the opposition Syrian Civil Defense described the situation in the rebel-held area as “catastrophic”, saying many people were buried under the rubble of collapsing buildings. The bodies of several children wrapped in blankets were brought to a hospital in the Syrian rebel-held town of Ajmarin, near the Turkish border. Syria’s Director General of Antiquities and Museums said the earthquake destroyed the walls, minarets and some other walls of the Merkab or watchtower built by the Christian Crusaders, which in ancient times kept an eye on the Mediterranean Sea.
Earthquake Prediction: Nostradamus of earthquake! Earthquake will come in Turkey, it was predicted three days ago

More than 1,500 people died in Turkey

According to Turkey, the earthquake has killed more than 1500 people and injured more than 8500 people in 10 provinces of the country. According to the Syrian Ministry of Health, the death toll from the earthquake in Syria has risen to 430 and some 1,280 others were injured. According to the White Helmets, at least 380 people have died in rebel-held areas of Syria. However, SAMS put the death toll at 135. Both organizations put the number of injured in the hundreds. Earthquake tremors were also felt in Syria’s capital Damascus and people took to the streets due to fear.

Tremors felt for 40 seconds

People in Lebanon also felt the tremor for about 40 seconds. In Lebanon’s capital Beirut, many people came out of their homes and moved away from buildings with the help of a car. Turkey’s Hatay province legislator Hüseyin Yayman said that several members of his family were buried under the debris of the collapsed house. “Many people are buried under the rubble,” he told Haberturk television channel. Many buildings have collapsed. And people are on the streets in the midst of rain and cold.

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