Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Tsunami of infection coming in China, first peak of corona possible on January 13, experts claim

China Corona Update: Corona has already caused a lot of havoc in China. Now the reports that are coming out are putting the whole world in tension. It is believed that Corona is just beginning in China at this time. It is yet to take a more dangerous form. According to experts, exactly 13 days from today, every limit of Corona’s havoc in China can be crossed. All previous records can be broken here.

UK Health Experts have predicted scary figures of mourning and death for China. On January 13, the first peak of Corona will come in China. This will be the time when about 37 lakh people will come under the grip of corona and then the number of people getting infected will continue to increase like this. By January 23, every day 25 thousand deaths due to corona will be recorded in China.

Corona will worsen the situation in China

If the claim of health experts comes true, then the whole of China will come to its knees because there is still a huge crowd of patients inside and outside the hospitals in most of the provinces of China. People are not getting a place for treatment here. Even there is no place for cremation. People have to wait for many days to perform the last rites.

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India also alert about Corona

In the midst of increasing corona cases in many countries including China, South Korea and Japan, the Government of India has also fully geared up to fight Kovid. Several meetings were held in the past on behalf of the Center and the states regarding this. Even all the states have issued guidelines regarding Corona. Government sources recently told that the fourth wave of Corona may come in the country. However, doctors hope that the introduction of the nasal vaccine will reduce the risk of corona infection.

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