Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Trending News: ‘Within 15 days…’, MP Mahua Moitra furious over TMC leader Saket Gokhale’s arrest

Mahua Moitra On Saket Gokhale Arrest: TMC MP Mahua Moitra has reacted to the arrest of her colleague and TMC leader Saket Gokhale. He has termed it as harassment. Without naming the BJP, Mahua Moitra said that people can see the repeated arrests. Actually, Saket Gokhale has been arrested in Gujarat. He has been accused of misappropriating money.

Mahua Moitra tweeted that within just 15 days, TMC (Trinamool Congress) national spokesperson Saket Gokhale has been arrested thrice. This kind of harassment never works in the long run. People can see this, it will strengthen the opposition.” Police in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state and BJP-ruled Gujarat arrested Saket Gokhale last evening for allegedly misappropriating funds. Spokesperson of had raised through crowd funding.

Saket Gokhale was arrested for the third time

Saket Gokhale was arrested for the third time on Thursday, 29 December 2022. He was arrested by the Gujarat Police. He was first arrested on 6 December for sharing fake news related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Morbi in Gujarat. At that time an old bridge had collapsed in Morbi, in which 135 people had died.

Regarding this matter, many people had said that Gokhale had greatly exaggerated the information shared on the cost of PM Modi’s visit. Although Gokhale was later released on bail regarding this case, but later the police took him into custody once again in the same case. After this, he was again released on bail the next day.

Saket Gokhale on his arrest

Saket Gokhale tweeted on Thursday “Happy to announce that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has registered a case against the Gujarat Police in connection with my arrest three weeks back. illegal detention from Jaipur to Ahmedabad) without informing the local police.”

The Trinamool Congress spokesperson tweeted, “Blazing the law, taking people into illegal detention Gestapo-style across state borders in the middle of the night has become the hallmark of the BJP. As I said I will fight ..and will fight back stronger than ever.”

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