Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Trending News: When the lover went to meet the girlfriend, the girl’s father and brother beat her with sticks, mistaking her for a thief.

UP News: Faiz Ahmed Faiz had once said that there are other sorrows in the world except love… Faiz sahab is a great poet and his line will be remembered for ages, but what Any such lover would agree with Faiz, who not only felt sorrow for falling in love, but as soon as he went to his lover’s house, thinking him to be a thief, he was beaten with sticks. For that lover, no other sorrow will be bigger in the world than love. A young man found it costly to meet his girlfriend in Banda. 

What is the whole matter

A 20-year-old youth from a village in Banda’s Bisanda police station area was returning after playing DJ in a procession. He had gone to meet his girlfriend at her house on the way. When the girl’s father and brother saw the boy, they beat him a lot thinking that he was a thief. Hearing the commotion, the people around also gathered and they also killed him. The boy was covered in blood after being beaten with sticks. The matter was pacified through talks after which the youth was  admitted to the hospital. 

The young man says that his watch was left with the girl. The girl told him that if there are no parents at home, then he should take the watch. The young man replied that he was tired and would come in the morning to take the watch, but when the girlfriend got angry, he reached her house. Doctors say the condition of the youth is out of danger and he is being treated. 

Some poet has told the truth that this is not love, it is easy to understand.. It is a river of fire and it has to be drowned.

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