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Trending News: ‘Uphaar incident is the report card of the country, I am the daughter of a farmer who will do it with heart’

Actress Rajshree Deshpande, who came into limelight after playing the role of Subhadra in the popular web series ‘Sacred Games’, is now playing the lead role in Netflix’s own series ‘Trial by Fire’. In this web series based on Delhi’s Uphaar cinema fire tragedy, Rajshree Deshpande plays Neelam Krishnamurthy who, after losing her two children, fought a 25-year-long battle to bring those responsible for the tragedy to justice. Neelam Krishnamurthy’s husband Shekhar Krishnamurthy also supported his wife shoulder to shoulder in this campaign. Both also wrote a book on their experiences and the web series ‘Trial by Fire’ is made in the name of this book. A request has also been made to the court to ban this series and the book, on which the hearing is to be held this week.

As soon as the conversation starts about the web series ‘Trial by Fire’, Rajshree Deshpande says, ‘I am the daughter of a farmer. She has been involved in social work for a long time. We have a house in Marathwada where there is a lot of drought every year. I have seen my father Balwant Deshpande bear the brunt of the weather. Have seen crops getting ruined. I got the courage to do something for the society from my mother Sunanda Deshpande. And, I can say that this is the only work that gives me peace of mind.

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As soon as the mention of Marathwada came up, the conversation went ahead. Rajshree says, ‘I have been working on the water problem in Marathwada for 10 years. Three schools were also built. I still have a lot of work to do on education and health. Have to work on social security. For this, mutual love and sympathy towards others is very important. In ‘Trial by Fire’ too, Neelam and Shekhar are not just talking about revenge, they are talking about change. Such a change should come in the system as well as in the citizens of the country. Uphaar incident and the case related to it is the report card of the system of this country.

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How did a farmer’s daughter get inclined towards acting? On asking this, Rajshree smiles and says, ‘Acting is fond of since childhood. Earlier she used to do plays in the village. Used to do mimicry of many artists. When a guest used to come to our place, people used to tell me that hey, show me by doing something. I grew up like this. We come from a background where even thinking about acting is a very difficult task. Our parents did not even know that money can be earned from acting. But she believed that whatever she does, she will do well.

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So when asked about who has the upper hand in acting and social service now, Rajshree Deshpande says a very simple thing. According to him, ‘It took a lot of hard work to reach here. I don’t even know where I have reached. I feel that whatever work I want to do, be it in films, series or social work, I want to do it from the bottom of my heart. I feel that whatever work I do should have some significance. I was studying in Pune, so I was working there along with my studies.

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