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Trending News: This tractor will run on cow dung, will also help in fighting climate change, unique invention


You must have seen diesel, CNG and electric tractors, but a UK company has made a unique invention. He has launched a tractor which runs entirely on cow dung (Eco friendly tractor will run on cow dung). Moreover, scientists from all over the world are watching it with great hope. Because they believe that it can be very helpful in dealing with the crisis of climate change. Because it does not spread pollution at all.

Use of biomethane instead of diesel
To run it, cow manure is kept in a chamber and then biomethane is made from it. For this, a big tank has been installed behind the tractor. Its cryogenic fuel tank stores methane in liquid form at -162 °C, giving the vehicle diesel-like power but with significant emissions savings. In the past, when its capacity was seen during the pilot run, it was found that it reduces carbon dioxide emissions from 2500 tonnes to 500 tonnes in just one year. Scientists are considering it a miracle.

combating climate change
According to the scientist, this technology has the potential to combat climate change by removing large amounts of methane from the atmosphere. Methane has the potential to warm the atmosphere more than 80 times that of carbon dioxide, so by removing it and putting it to good use, we can help tackle global warming faster. The company is also investigating wider use of the technology and hopes it could one day be used to charge electric vehicles in rural areas.

Where will you get so much cow dung
According to the scientist, a herd of 100 cows produces methane gas equal to three tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, producing 30 times more heat than the same amount of carbon dioxide. Not only that, a farm of 150 cows will offset the carbon dioxide emissions of 140 households per year.

Big step towards zero budget farming
Mark Duddridge, chairman of the LEP, said: ‘Biomethane has huge potential. If we can make our agricultural industry energy-independent in the face of rising costs and fluctuating energy prices while reducing emissions, we can provide a huge economic boost for rural communities. Can provide more food security. This would be like moving towards zero budget farming.

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