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Trending News: This person is the guarantee of successful marriage, got 270 people married, none got divorced!

Matchmaker Priest Has a Record of 270 Successful Marriages: It is said that matches are made from above and they just have to be found and found on earth. However, nowadays the cases of divorce and separation have increased so much that people have no more faith in such things. Still, some people are so perfect in the art of matchmaking that if they tell two people perfect for each other, then their words prove to be 100% true.

The name of a Spanish priest named Fernando Cuevas is also included in the list of such people who are perfect in matchmaking. Fernando has a unique record. He has got 270 couples married so far, out of which no case of divorce or separation has come to the fore. In such a situation, they are being considered as the guarantee of a successful marriage. For 14 years, no marriage done by his hands has been broken.

Father is perfect in matchmaking
Father Fernando, who lives in Valencia City, Spain, started his career 14 years ago by introducing two people. At that time there was a Catholic boy with him, who wanted a bride for himself from a Catholic group of beautiful girls. He told this to Father Fernando. After 5 months, they got him married to one of them. After this, he started matchmaking of Catholic boys and girls so that Catholic ideals could be saved. He says that nowadays people do not take their religion seriously. In such a situation, they help in bringing together two people with similar religious thinking. They keep a complete bio-data of the candidates and then match them with the right match.

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270 marriages were conducted, all were successful
According to Father Fernando, two things work behind the success of the pair. The height of the girl should be slightly higher than the girl and there should not be much distance between their houses. They spend a lot of time reading the profiles of the candidates and finding the right match. If the candidates approve each other’s photos, they end their work by giving each other’s numbers. In 14 years, he has conducted 270 marriages and not a single one has been divorced. Although he does not guarantee the happiness of the couples after their union, but he says that two people who believe in religion and spirituality remain happy because they believe in giving rather than taking.

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