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Trending News: The work of the country’s first metro line started on this day, Congress made a special record

History of 29th December: Farewell to 2022 and the countdown to the arrival of the new year has begun. After two days we will have gone into the new year. Many new stories will be made in the new year, but if we talk about the old year, then there are countless stories in it. If you look through the mirror of history, you will get a lot. If we talk about December 29, then many historical events are also recorded in the name of this day. This date has also been witness to many big events. Let us have a look at some big historical events.

Historical events of 29 December

  • 1530: On this day, Humayun took over the reins of the Mughal Empire from Babur.
  • 1845: The proposal to merge the Republic of Texas with the US was approved by the US Congress.
  • 1942: Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Hindi cinema, was born in Amritsar city of Punjab. His real name was Jatin Khanna.
  • 1951: The officials of the Atomic Energy Commission of America had disclosed for the first time regarding the production of electricity from atomic energy.
  • 1972: The construction work of Calcutta Metro Station started.
  • 1975: Women and men were given equal rights by implementing a historic law in Britain.
  • 1977: Open Air Theater Drive Inn in Bombay (now Mumbai) was opened on this day. It was said to be the world’s largest open air theater at that time.
  • 1984: Under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi, Congress registered the biggest victory in the history of independent India’s parliamentary elections. Then the party had won 401 out of 508 seats in the Lok Sabha.
  • 1998: The leaders of the radical communist organization Khmer Rouge, which controlled Cambodia between 1975 and 1979, publicly apologized for the deaths of about 1.5 million people during their rule.
  • 2001: The snow storm that began on September 24 in Buffalo, New York City in the US, stopped after five days and the excavation work of the city buried under a sheet of about 82 inches thick snow began.
  • 2008: Israel waged a war against Hamas after the death of three Israelis in a Hamas rocket attack amid Israel’s targeting of Hamas bases on the Gaza Strip.
  • 2015: The World Health Organization declared the West African country Guinea free from Ebola. Two years ago the outbreak of this deadly disease had spread in the country.

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