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Trending News: ‘The whole country has to be made drug-free, we have to run a campaign’, do not do drugs on the occasion of New Year – Union Minister

Drug free India: Addressing a program organized in Lucknow, Union Minister of State Kaushal Kishore said that the entire country has to be made drug-free, for which 272 districts across the country have been identified. He said that on December 31 and January 1, about 10 crore people across the country will take a pledge not to take drugs, every person is being connected with this campaign.

Kaushal Kishore said that I will continue to agitate against drugs till my last breath until India becomes free from drugs. Appealing to the people, he said that all of you should join this movement and contribute in building a drug-free India.

The one who is intoxicated himself does not want…

Kaushal Kishore said that any person who takes drugs never wants his boys or his girls to take drugs. That’s why I request all of you to stop your children from going into the world of drugs. Keep making them aware against drugs and keep their friendship drug free. For this, stay away from alcohol and other drugs and unite and raise your voice against drugs and make your society a drug-free society.

The minister said that today, leaving the sense of ego, dedicate yourself to the upliftment of the society, discharge your responsibilities towards the society with which you are identified.

Do not marry daughters and sisters to alcoholics

Earlier, Kaushal Kishore had appealed to the people not to get their daughters and sisters married to alcoholics. He said, “A rickshaw puller or a laborer would make a better bridegroom than a drunken officer. A drunken man’s life is very short.”

Kaushal Kishore recalled the tragedy that befell his family, saying, “My son (Akash Kishore) used to drink alcohol with his friends, he had become addicted to alcohol due to which he lost his life. When I was a Member of Parliament, If Roop and my wife as an MLA could not save our son’s life, then how will the general public be able to do so.”

Jawaharlal Nehru also used to take drugs.

A few days before this, he had said that the world of drugs has completely captured our country. Our appeal is that the more fear is created among people about all kinds of harm caused by drugs, the way there are no poison shops, in the same way drug shops will also be closed.

Kaushal Kishore is running a campaign for de-addiction and makes people swear that they should not take drugs and if anyone around them is addicted to it, then tell them about the harm caused by drugs and get rid of their drug habit.

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