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Trending News: The rabbit of a crying child is lost somewhere, 99 percent people fail to find it, you also try!

Find The Object Puzzle: Every day many pictures of optical illusion (Spot The Object In Picture) go viral on social media. Actually these pictures are considered very good for your brain exercise. Don’t know how many riddles on the Internet every week force the Internet users to spend their brains. At present, a challenge has been given in a picture going viral – to find a bunny inside the room.

In the picture, a child’s room looks quite scattered. A child sitting on a bed showing a picture of his bunny amidst a crowd of toys. You can see this child crying because his bunny is lost somewhere. You can help him if you find his bunny within 10 seconds (Can you find a bunny in picture within 10 seconds).

Bunny is lost in the room
The picture going viral has been shared by Bright Side. This picture is of a child’s room, which is usually littered with a multitude of toys. There are many colorful toys lying in this child’s room too and in the meantime one of his bunny has been lost, whose picture he is showing to the girl sitting in front of him. However, seeing the condition of the room, the girl is also confused as to how to find this bunny in it. All you have to do is to find the bunny within 10 seconds. By the way, let us tell you that 99 percent people have failed in this challenge.

The challenge is given in the picture – to find a bunny inside the room. (Credit- Bright Side)

Can you see the baby bunny?
This optical illusion puzzle is quite tricky and might not look easy to you. In such a situation, just focus and find it because this will show you the strong IQ. By the way, the hint for you is that the bunny is on the right side of the room.

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Let us tell you that 99 percent people have failed in this challenge. (Credit- Bright Side)

It is expected that by spending a little more time or a little more, it must have been made in your eyes. If still you have missed it, then you can see it in the picture.

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