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Trending News: ‘The luggage is heavy, help in lifting it’, when the looted goods increased, the thieves themselves called the police!

Bizarre Robbery In Florida: You must have heard many incidents of theft, in which sometimes some are very vicious and sometimes some are interesting. Somewhere the thief sits down to worship and sometimes he is caught in the act of eating khichdi. However, the case of theft which is in limelight at this time, there the thieves did a separate incident. After stealing comfortably, when he felt that the goods were too much, he called the police for help.

A strange case came to the fore from Florida, when after stealing peacefully, the robbers themselves called the police (Thieves Call Police For Help) and mustered up the courage to ask them for help in lifting the goods. What happened then was amazing. Although such strange stories keep coming out from Florida, but you will find this case more interesting when you will know that the thieves were none other than a couple.

Robber couple’s ‘next level’ plan
This whole story is very interesting. Here a woman and a man had come together to steal. They saw a locked house and started collecting things from there. When the loot became too much, such an idea came in the mind of the woman, which usually no one can think of. He called 911, so that he could get help in lifting the luggage. The phone was picked up from the police side, but no one said anything. It was told on behalf of the Polk County Sheriff that he decided to go to the location.

You will say ‘wow’ after listening to the planning
According to the police, when they reached there, no one was at home. They saw a woman and a man hiding behind a locked door. The police identified him through a security video. The female thief was caught from outside her house. She told that she had called because she wanted the police to take the looted goods and take her to the airport so that she could spend the weekend in New York. However, the police took him directly to the jail and also welcomed him for the weekend.

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