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Trending News: The headphone is lost in the bathroom, the challenge is to find it in 7 seconds, what could you accomplish!

Can You Find the Hidden Headphone in 7 Second: Optical illusion means those pictures which confuse the human mind. Some pictures make our mind spin, while some are such that we see something and create something else. Actually it challenges the functioning of our brain because in the same picture one sees something and the other sees something else.

The puzzle that we are putting in front of you today, it is curdling your mind. The challenge is to find the lost headphones somewhere inside the bathroom. This challenge can be taken from children to elders too. You have only 7 seconds to complete this challenge.
Whoever completes the target can consider himself a genius.

Toy car is hidden in the bathroom
This picture has been shared by Bright Side. In the picture you can see a clean and tidy bathroom, in which all the necessary things are neatly decorated. All the things usually found in the bathroom are present here, yet someone has forgotten to keep a headphone in here. The biggest problem is that the headphone which is being searched is nowhere to be seen. The challenge is that you have to show it within 7 seconds using your sharp eyesight.

You have to find the lost headphone inside the bathroom. (Credit-Bright Side)

What headphones do you see?
If you’ve got headphones, you should be happy about your sharp eyesight. If you haven’t found it, then the hint for you is that the headphones are straight in front of you.

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In the picture you can see the headphones inside the cupboard. (Credit-Bright Side)

We hope you have completed this challenge in 7 seconds and if you have not been able to do so, then you can see the answer in the picture and best of luck to you for the next puzzle.

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