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Trending News: The family was watching TV at home, suddenly a 10 feet tall ‘monster’ broke the roof and fell on the head! saved my life like this

If a person sees creatures like snakes on TV or in a closed cage of a zoo, he feels the same fear on seeing them. But when the same snake comes right in front of you, then the fear increases manifold. Now imagine what would happen if that snake fell on you instead of in front of you? Recently, a family living in Malaysia (python fell on Malaysian family) did the same when a giant snake fell on them!

According to the Daily Star News website, this incident happened on Sunday, 8 October. A family was watching TV at around 11 pm in Miri, Sarawak, when suddenly the roof of their house broke and a giant python fell from the ceiling. The screams of the family started coming out as soon as he fell and they immediately called the administration. 4 officers of Miri Public Defense Force were sent to the spot where they found an 8 kg 10 feet long python hidden under a box.

4 people of the administration together caught the python. (Photo: APM MIRI/FACEBOOK)

Python was living on the roof of the house for a long time
After about half an hour of hard work, he captured that snake and took it in his bus. Later the administration left him in the forest as well. According to the Borneo Network, it is believed that the python was living on the roof of the house for a long time. The family used to hear strange noises from the terrace, but they used to ignore it considering it to be the sound of a rat.

Reticulated Python was recovered
In a statement given by the administration, it was told that a 32-year-old woman of the family reported that a snake had fallen from the roof, which was hidden under a box. Let us tell you that the name of the python found from the house was Reticulated Python, which is considered to be the largest species of snake and it is one of the three heaviest snakes. According to the Daily Star, the longest python ever recorded is 32 feet in length. Talking to the media, the administration said that pythons are usually found in forests and are in search of their prey. These can be on the banks of a river or a pond. Unlike other pythons, there is no poison inside them, they kill their prey by suffocating them.

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