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Trending News: Teddy bear has to be found in the picture of children running race, will have to search in 10 seconds, this challenge will boggle your mind

From childhood till now everyone has solved a lot of challenges hidden in the pictures. Sometimes in the newspapers and sometimes in the comics, pictures that deceive the eyes were seen. In which something had to be searched, which the eyes could not easily catch. Those puzzles are now called Optical Illusion Challenges, in which not only children but also adults struggle properly. Those who exercise their brain and also do the work of correcting them. You can be called a genius by crossing such optical illusion challenge in 10 seconds.

In sharing a picture that deceives the eyes, 6 children are running a race together. But a 7th creature is also hidden among them which will not be visible to anyone. That is a teddy bear, which is so hidden in the picture that it will not be possible to find it in 10 seconds to win the challenge. But you can prove your intelligence by overcoming the challenge.

Did you see the teddy hidden among the children?
The picture is of some children, who are seen racing with each other. The total number of children in the picture is 6. But the person giving this challenge claims that apart from these, there is someone in the picture who is so hidden that it will not be visible easily. Do you know who is that? He is a teddy bear which of course you cannot see. But if you exert your mind and use your IQ, it will surely appear hidden somewhere. Please tell that the teddy bear you are looking for, it will not be visible in front of you easily in the photo. But if you can do this in 10 seconds, then you will definitely be called a genius.

Teddy bear seen sitting in girl’s hair, not here and there
If you seriously want to find the teddy bear in the picture of the race of six children, then look at the hair of these children. He is desperately trying to win the teddy bear among the running children. Maybe he will leave the other five behind. Yes, it is possible because that teddy bear is sitting entangled in the curly hair of the girl who is at the forefront of the race.

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