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Trending News: Sixth rich man of the world got caught in speed driving, started apologizing to the policemen; Know what happened

Driving at high speed and paying fine is common in India. Often people make this kind of mistake and also suffer punishment, but Larry Ellison, the world’s sixth richest man, had to face this punishment on his own bought Iceland island.

have to pay the fine
According to the New York Post, Ellison bought the island of Lanai decades ago for $300 million. They own 98% of the island. He crossed the stop sign while driving at high speed and neither slowed down nor stopped the vehicle. According to the report, at first the police stopped them and asked them to pay the fine. Alison felt strange but she apologized. Even after this it did not work. Police said, apology will not work, fine will have to be paid.

record in body-cam
According to media reports, Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle Corporations. Allison was driving his saffron colored Coverat at a high speed on Manele Road in October last year. All this was recorded in a body-cam and the police caught them. He had also accepted the violation of the rules.

Had dinner with the kids
According to Hawaii News Now, the traffic police told him, “Mr. Allison, we stopped you because you jumped a stop sign and you were speeding.” Alison replied, I apologize if I have done so. The traffic police then ask them why you were going so fast. On this Alison said, I have no excuse. But it is true that I had to have dinner with my children. That’s why I was leaving early. But I am sorry for all this.

Net worth $108.3 billion
Please tell that he did not even have the papers. According to the media, the traffic police asked him for the driving license, vehicle registration number and insurance, but he said that I do not have any of these documents. After this, the traffic police officer handed over the challan to him. According to Forbes, Larry Ellison’s net worth is $108.3 billion.

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