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Trending News: ‘Nidhi stays away from mother’, many revelations made by neighbors, questions raised about friendship with Anjali

Anjali Delhi Case: New revelations are happening every day in Delhi’s Kanjhawala incident. Everyone is shocked by the incident of brutality that took place on the intervening night of 31st December and 1st January. Many angles have come to the fore in the case due to the revelations being made in the police investigation. The main witness of this whole incident, Nidhi (Anjali’s friend) has given many surprising information.

Nidhi has told that she and Anjali had befriended just 15 days back and both had become very good friends in a short span of time. Nidhi had come to know everything about Anjali’s boyfriend. The fund which has made many important revelations in this matter, now many things have come to know about it too.

Know who is Nidhi?

Nidhi lives in C9, Sultanpuri. Presswire18 News team had a special conversation with his neighbors. Presswire18 team found out every important information related to Nidhi. Nidhi’s neighbors told that Nidhi was living separately from her mother for many years. Neighbors said that Nidhi had nothing to do with her mother. He told that even Nidhi’s mother had not come to meet her for a long time. Nidhi has two brothers. According to the information, Nidhi’s mother’s house is locked.

‘Didn’t hear Anjali’s name from Nidhi’s mouth’

A neighbor of Nidhi told that he never heard Anjali’s name from Nidhi’s mouth. The neighbor said, “Nidhi has been living here for the last three months. She wakes up at 2 in the afternoon and leaves by 5-6 in the evening. Nidhi stays out of the house three days a week and stays here the rest of the day.” The neighbor also told that “I have never heard Anjali’s name from Nidhi’s mouth… nor have I ever seen Nidhi here.”

Why didn’t Nidhi tell Anjali’s family?

There is another important question in this whole matter which is in everyone’s mind. That is why Nidhi ran away from the scene and why did she not inform Anjali’s family. In response to this question, Nidhi says, “If I had told about this incident at Anjali’s house, those people would have blamed me, so I remained silent.”

This is the Kanjhawala incident

Significantly, on the very first day of the new year, a car hit Anjali’s scooty and they dragged Anjali trapped in the car on the roads for about 12 kilometers, due to which she died. His body was found lying on the roadside in Kanjhawala area of ​​outer Delhi. Police has arrested five people in this case.

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